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Inspire Digital's Approach to SEO in London

by  David Dwyer on  22/04/2024

Between 2017-2022, the number of digital advertising agencies industry in the UK has grown 6.0% per year on average. With this increase, businesses are fighting for attention in a crowded digital landscape. Trust us, we understand the struggle! 

With that in mind, we’ve created this helpful blog to explain how the team here at Inspire Digital approaches SEO in London. We can help your business, large or small thrive in the competitive environment of the UK’s capital, securing the attention and loyalty of your online visitors.

But before we get into all that, what actually is an SEO strategy

Well, an SEO strategy is like the game plan for your website. It involves a combined effort that covers everything from content production to UX design, culminating in a plan that improves your content and copy, enhances the user journey and brings in higher monthly traffic, month on month. 

It's the step-by-step process to make sure your website is attractive to search engines, grabbing all the organic traffic it deserves.

Now we’ve got the boring bits out of the way, let us explore the benefits of choosing Inspire as your SEO agency in London. 

SEO services in London

Introducing Inspire Digital: London's Premier SEO Agency

When it comes to digital marketing in London, you need more than just tips and hacks you got from a short video—you need a game plan as well. That's where Inspire Digital steps in as your reliable guide in the ever-evolving world of SEO. We're not just here to help you survive online, we're here to make sure your business thrives.

How? We've got a range of pocket-friendly SEO approaches and SEO services that cater to businesses at every stage. 

Whether you're launching a brand-new website or fine-tuning an existing one for better customer conversion and search engine results, our SEO packages are crafted to fit your unique needs. 

Every package comes with a thorough overview assessment and SEO audit, giving you the lowdown on your website's current performance and where it can improve.

Our specialist team takes the reins for technical SEO support, content development, and metadata updates, optimising the stuff that really matters—like loading speed, indexation, and user experience.  

Our unique approach to SEO for London businesses

SEO services in London

We’ve been here long enough to know that when it comes to navigating the digital landscape of London, basic SEO strategies just won't cut it. 

That's why we take a unique approach to SEO that's tailored specifically for London businesses, and here’s how we do it: 

  1. Local SEO mastery: London is a city of neighbourhoods, each with its own character. Our local SEO approach goes beyond the basics. We dive into the nuances of London's localities, ensuring your business is not just visible but resonates with the unique vibe of each area. 
  2. Competitor insight: Our in-depth competitor analysis helps us understand what works in your industry, allowing us to position your business for success with a clear edge.
  3. Strategic keyword targeting: Our approach involves pinpointing the keywords that matter most to your audience in London, ensuring that your content speaks directly to the people you want to reach.
  4. Content localisation: Everyone appreciates content that feels local. Our local SEO strategies are finely tuned to incorporate the essence of London life, making your brand not just a business but a part of the vibrant tapestry of the city.
  5. Mobile optimisation: With over 85% of the UK population owning a smartphone, it's essential for businesses to prioritise mobile optimisation in their digital marketing efforts. Our SEO approach includes robust mobile optimisation, ensuring that your website not only ranks well on desktops but also provides an exceptional user experience on the small screen.
  6. Data-driven decisions: In the world of SEO, data is power. We don't make assumptions; we rely on data to guide our decisions. Our continuous monitoring and analysis help us adapt your SEO strategy based on real-time performance.
  7. Community engagement: Londoners love businesses that engage with their communities. We incorporate community-centric strategies, from leveraging local events to fostering online discussions, to make your brand a true part of London's digital community.
  8. Reviews and feedback: Reviews and feedback play a significant role in your business's online presence, and we guide you on leveraging them effectively. Our Google My Business listings ensure your business is well-positioned for searches through Google, taking advantage of all available tools for optimal results. 

Case Study: SEO for Landscape Brothers

Let’s talk about our client, Landscape Brothers—a family venture that started as a local landscaping service in 2008 and blossomed into landscape architecture experts. Seeking innovation and greater online visibility, they partnered with Inspire Digital.

Landscape Brothers wanted more than just a landscaping service; they aimed to thrive online. Their goal? Boost organic traffic and dominate search engine results for crucial industry terms. 

Our strategy

We first dug into Landscape Brothers' online terrain, uncovering areas for growth. We pitched the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of organic search/SEO as the game-changer for their online journey.

A custom SEO package was tailored to suit their unique needs. This transaltes into monthly efforts c overing research, content, backlinks, and technical enhancements. 

The results

The Inspire-Landscape Brothers synergy produced impressive stats:

  • 209% increase in organic traffic: Substantial growth in the number of online visitors.
  • 187% increase in organic keywords: Expanded visibility on search engine results pages.
  • 265% increase in backlinks: Strengthened online authority and credibility.
  • 117% increase in new users: Enhanced user engagement and brand reach.

Since hitching their wagon to Inspire Digital, Landscape Brothers witnessed a digital makeover. From increased traffic to a surge in keywords dominating page one, the impact was swift and substantial.

This success story shows the power of tailored strategies, a committed team, and a close client-agency bond. 

As the journey continues, we're poised to keep pushing those numbers higher, securing Landscape Brothers' spot at the forefront of their industry. 

Why choose Inspire Digital for your SEO needs

Trusted digital marketing agency in London


At Inspire Digital, our mission is clear-cut: we're here to help London businesses get online, keep them there, and make sure that being online adds real value to their bottom line. 

We're all about top-notch content and technical SEO, making sure that your content creation efforts don't just stay in the shadows but shine brightly online.

When it comes to technical SEO, we're in our element. From digging deep in site audits to orchestrating seamless website migrations, we've got it covered. We don't just meet local SEO best practices; we exceed them, ensuring your website performs at its absolute best.

Choosing Inspire Digital will be more than just a decision, it's also a partnership for success in the digital marketing in London. Whether you're a startup, a growing enterprise, or an established business, our focus on delivering quality services ensures that your online journey is not just fruitful but transformative. 

You don’t have to work solo for your SEO approach, work with us at Inspire Digital, and we’ll help you thrive in London’s ever-evolving business landscape. Contact us today to get started!

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