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Could a new logo be the shot in the arm that your brand needs?

All businesses ‘brand’ themselves, even if they aren’t aware they are doing it. The colours they choose for their website, the range of products they choose to sell, the services they offer or even the location of their shop all contribute to how their customers see them.  

But the best example of branding is the design of a company’s logo. More than just an appealing way of presenting the name of the firm, a good logo reflects the values of the business, where it stand in the market, and what marks it out from the competition. Logos are used across all forms of business communication, from the website to letterheads, shop fronts and telephone directories – even on the sides of transit vans – so it’s important to get it right.

You don’t have to be an artist to create a fantastic logo for your company. Our graphic designers will sit down with you to discuss your business, its values and the qualities you wish to get across to potential customers. Together we will also have a look at your competitors’ business images and discuss what you like – and don't like – about them. Your designer will then create some drafts for review, giving you everything you need to work together towards perfecting your new logo.

If you already have a logo, our graphic designers can use it to create a 3D model to be manipulated and animated in almost any way imaginable. You can choose from a range of standard animations or create a unique custom animation to suit your logo or image.

As part of our standard service you will receive a high-quality animation in several different formats:

  • DVD-quality video file
  • Smaller, custom-size logo, optimised to your requirements    
  • Flash movie, ideal for use in websites or multimedia PDFs.

A high-definition video version is also available.

If you aren’t sure whether your logo would suit animation, just send it along (or a link to your website), and our designers will give you free advice, ideas and recommendations.