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Scottish Digital Development Loan - Building a Digital Nation

“The Digital Development Loan was created by the Scottish Government to provide loans to companies who wish to improve their digital capabilities and capacity.” 
Fiona Hyslop MSP, Cabinet Secretary for the Economy, Fair Work and Culture   

Do you need investment to improve your digital capability?

If so what would you do with an interest free (0%) loan of between £5,000 and £100,000 with a maximum repayment period of 5 years and no administration fees or early payment penalties to invest in your Digital Capability, Digital Capacity or Digital Skills? 

That is what is currently on offer from the Scottish Government-backed Digital Development Loan. Whilst it has been around for a few years; it represents a tremendous opportunity during these difficult times. 

The loan is designed to accelerate Scotland’s transition to a Digital Nation. And we’re keen you know about it.
Part of the process of applying for a Digital Development Loan is the inclusion, amongst other items of a Quote from a delivery partner. 

As a Digital Agency, Inspire have delivered on many types of digital projects that have not only developed but enhanced immeasurably our clients’ digital capability, digital capacity and digital skills. 

For the last 12 years Inspire have helped our clients develop, evolve and deliver on their digital strategies, be that through transforming their Business Process, Business Model, Domain and Culture/Organisation. 

We are a team of Digital Strategists, Business Analysts, Software Engineers, Designers, Project Managers and Digital Marketers. We follow best practice in every aspect of our delivery and tailor our approach to Project Management e.g. PRINCE2 and Agile depending on each project.

We believe this puts Inspire in a perfect position to support those interested in embarking on their own Digital Transformation journey and becoming a part of Scotland’s Digital Nation. 

To qualify for a Digital Development Loan, the purpose of your project has to satisfy any of the following: 

  • Improve your Digital Capacity 
  • Improve your Digital Capability 
  • Improve your Digital Skills 

The application process is online and accessed via the Digital Development Loan website, where you can also find more detail about the application process and eligibility criteria. 

The scheme most likely won’t be available forever – so the sooner you assess whether you’re eligible and apply, the better. Inspire are not the administrators of the loan and do not offer financial advice. However, if you want to simply discuss your digital project with us and get an understanding of potential costs, please fill in the form on this page to progress the conversation. 

As AGENTS of DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION, Inspire are here to support your project delivery. 

We hope the information below is helpful, this has been paraphrased from the Digital Development Loan website and added to following Freedom of Information requests. 

For more information we’d advise those interested to discuss their project eligibility direct with Digital Development Loan. 

Digital Development Loan Faqs
Can the DDL be used for more than one project per company?
Can digital agencies apply for these loans to increase their own digital capability, skills and capacity?
Who is the loan paid to? The applicant OR the digital agency?
Who is Eligible?
What can it be used for?
What can it NOT be used for?
What is the Lending Policy?
What about Credit History?
Is a business plan required?
What are the assessment criteria?
How detailed should the application be?
What types of expenditure are likely to be accepted?
What's the typical length of the application process?
Am I still eligible if I already have a DSL loan?
Is this fund only for start-ups?
Are employee costs eligible?
Can the loan repay already invested money?
Are charities eligible?
Am I still eligible if I am already engaged with Scottish Enterprise as a growth pipeline, high growth or account managed company?
I am already receiving a grant, can I use the Digital Development loan to complete funding?
Does the proposed project spend require three quotes?
I have also received ERDF grant support, can I use this and a Digital Development Loan to fund the project fully?
Is there security taken as part of the DDL funding?