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A web based database can help organise a businesses data & time

Databases of one kind or another are the cornerstone of businesses large or small. Lists of customer preferences, names and addresses, supplier details and stock levels are all just databases of varying complexity.

As a business grows, the information it holds often outgrows its method of storage. The overflowing box of business cards, the bursting-at-the-seams Filofax or the ever-crashing MS Access files are all examples of databases that have outlived their usefulness.

Inspire can create new databases that will grow with your business and add value to your information by making organisation and retrieval easier. We can create a stock control system from scratch, or a database to automate your existing paper-based office processes like ordering stock, requesting payments or keeping track of annual leave.

Like our document repository and disaster recovery systems, database design is a bespoke service. Speak to us about how you organise your business information – and make it work better for you.