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Smartphones & tablets have changed the face of web design forever

Before the smartphone and tablet revolution, your customers most likely viewed your website on their desktop computers. Their screens were all roughly the same size and shape, and websites were designed – more or less – with those dimensions in mind.  

Today, consumers increasingly prefer to view – and shop on – websites using the much smaller screens of their smartphones and tablets. There are hundreds of different devices, with hundreds of different screens, on the market today. How do you build a website that looks great and is easy to use on all of them?

Responsive Web Design is an approach to building a website that takes as given that it will be viewed on different sizes of screen. A ‘responsive’ website will automatically become wider, or narrower, or reduce the size of its images, or move the text around depending on what browser and what device is being used. It also takes into account the orientation of a device – whether it’s held horizontally or vertically – and adjusts the site accordingly.

A responsive site will also take account of a user’s intentions; if a customer is viewing your site through her smartphone, she’s more likely to be on the go and have different needs and interests than someone sat at home. The information displayed will be automatically tailored to her likely needs.

Incorporating Responsive Web Design into your company’s website site ensures that your message to your customer is always clear and ‘actionable’, no matter what device your client is using today, tomorrow, or even next year.

Inspire can build your website using principles of Responsive Web Design from the start, or we can ‘retrofit’ an existing site to make sure it’s seen at its best by all today’s – and tomorrow’s – smartphones and tablets. Contact us today for more information.