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Let Inspire help get more from Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

Most of us think of Facebook as a place to organise our social lives and connect with far-away friends. But more and more canny businesses are opting to use social networks to promote their businesses. Facebook alone has over 1.59 Billion users monthly, and at the end of December 2015, more than 50 million of them were businesses. It has more daily traffic than Google, and is where more and more of us – and that means potential customers too – are spending our time.

We can help you establish a presence on Facebook with a dedicated page for your business; we can work with you to make the most of their tools for business users. We can also help you establish networks and gain referrals to build a word-of-mouth buzz around your business.

The benefits of working with Facebook, Twitter, and other similar sites are that it allows your business to connect with customers in ‘real time’.  If Ford used Facebook to launch its latest car, you can use it to make special offers, limited-time specials or announce last-minute changes in availability. We can also keep our graphic designers busy by posting 3D demonstrations of your products on YouTube, or embed widgets into your website to encourage visitors to join your network.

Not convinced about social media? Join us on our Facebook page and see how we make it work for ourselves. You can also read this article, written by Inspire’s David Dwyer for Johnston Carmichael CA, Scotland’s largest Independent Chartered Accountants, on Harnessing Social Media.