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Expert social media marketing services

Sixty percent of the world’s population now uses social media. That’s 4.80 billion people accessing Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as video-based channels like TikTok and YouTube, every month. As a testimonial to such an enormous usage of social media, 89% of marketers prefer using Facebook for content promotion.

These channels started as a way to connect and entertain people around the globe. But now, they are vibrant marketplaces brimming with potential customers. 

To ensure your business captures a share of this audience, establishing a strong presence across these platforms must be a crucial part of your wider marketing strategy. 

And as an expert in social media marketing, we can help you take advantage of this rising storm, positioning your business at the forefront of people’s screens and minds. 

To do this, we offer a variety of tailored social media management packages. These have been designed to help you explore the potential of brand engagement and commercialisation across all major social media platforms.   

Let's prepare your business for a bold digital presence so you can take advantage of this modern gold rush. Get in touch with Inspire today to propel your business forward through our bespoke social media packages.  


Our social media marketing packages 

As your social media marketing agency, we do the groundwork for you. We'll shape optimise your social business account, infuse it with an enticing ‘About’ page, build standout albums and highlights, and launch it with bespoke brand content. 

Depending on your business goals and needs, here are our social media packages that will help you achieve success in today's interconnected world.  

- Starter Package: Perfect for those dipping their toes into the social media waters.  

With the starter social media package, we’ll prepare a steady flow of two posts per week on a single platform. Visuals, captivating captions, and fitting hashtags included. 

- Standard Package: Amp up your social media presence.  

With this package, you're looking at three posts per week on a platform of your choice. We’ll also define a strategy for organic marketing and provide monthly analytics report to track your growth. 


- Premium Package: Amplify your message across multiple platforms.  

Receive four posts per week across up to three platforms. To make your voice even louder, we include an hour of community engagement each week too. 


- Deluxe Package: Achieve omnipresence across multiple platforms.  

Expect five engaging posts every week across four or more platforms. An hour of community engagement each week, and our analytics report, ensures your brand voice reaches far and wide. 

Still unsure of which package suits you best? Let's connect, and we'll guide you on the best path for your business. 


Boost your social media strategy with upgrades 

Fine-tune your social media success with our package upgrades. Connect with your audience more deeply, dive into insights with SEO competitor analysis, or utilise our Hashtag Vault to draw a wider audience to your content. And yes, we can take care of your daily engagement and direct messages too! 

Ready to boost your success? Get in touch with us, and let's accelerate your social media growth together. 



Enhance your social media presence today

With our expertise in social media management and passion in delivering solutions to match your needs, Inspire digital is here to strategically improve your digital presence. We firmly believe that by enhancing your social media game you can attract a wider pool of potential customers and foster more meaningful connections. This, in turn, will lead to more eyeballs, increased sales and a loyal audience who are ready to buy from you at the drop of a hat.  

For us, social media management isn’t about pushy sales and balck hat marketing. We want to build lasting relationships for your brand which will result in long-term success. 

Book your social media consultation today, and let’s take your online visibility to new heights.