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Why is Local SEO optimisation important?

Answer: "Because 85 to 95 percent of consumer engagement now comes from local pages and local listings." See more info on this.

Your Knowledge Graph Panel contains information about your business collected from across the web, such as from your website's content and your business's Google My Business (GMB) listing. The more consistent and accurate your business profile is on the internet, the bigger and more effective the panel will be, which in turn influences how your business appears on search results.  

If you are new to Knowledge Graph Panels, however, sorting, collating and fully understanding all this information can be a daunting task. It takes time, persistence and an experienced hand in gathering data, so why not let us help you?  

With our specialised service, the Knowledge Graph Panel Optimisation (KGPO), Inspire can do all the hard work for you, walk you through the findings and offer our expert advice on how to use the information you learn to help your business.  

We'll not only generate a complete panel and help you to understand what it shows, but we will use it to focus on creating robust and consistent information of your business across online directions. To put simply, we'll make sure your business has the best and most accurate information about it everywhere it appears online, which will then lead to a better position in search rankings, more search traffic and increased customer engagement.   

 With regards to your GMB listing, we generate as many avenues for search traffic as we can, through the process of citation building. By drawing customers from across the web towards your business's core Google listing, Google will see your business as more credible and will maximise your presence on their search results and Map packages.  

Our KGPO service can benefit any business, as it not only improves local SEO but provides an excellent first step towards a greater SEO campaign. 

How a KGPO can help you