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Building tailored stock control systems that save time & money

Whether it’s goods to sell directly to customers, or materials needed to provide a service, all businesses need to have a grip on their stock levels. Too much stock can tie up useful funds, add to warehousing costs and risk your items becoming out of date or out of fashion; too little stock can lead to delays in processing customer orders and missing the boat on the latest trends.

To make the most of your supply chain, let Inspire create a custom solution for your firm, based directly on your needs. We can create an internal ‘backroom’ system that simply lets you know when to re-order, an inventory control application that feeds into your e-Commerce website, or an externally accessible site that lets customers browse your offerings.

Over the years we’ve created quite a few such systems, and many more besides. The most comprehensive was for Bruce Farms, a Perthshire agricultural business. Their stock control system was created as an application accessible on the company's Intranet using their normal web browser, and helped them manage their fruit-picking and packing processes. 

Contact us to discuss how to get in control of your business with a bespoke stock control solution.