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Traditional advertising might get a bad press, but could it work?

It’s true that the Internet has revolutionised the way goods and services are marketed.  But the essentials of promoting your business remain. You still need to find a way to tell customers what your products are, why they should buy them, and how they can get hold of them.

Display ads and flyers are an essential part of any marketing campaign. Display ads can be used for publication in: newspapers, magazines, telephone directories, event programmes – anywhere customers are likely to see them. We can also create all-singing, all-dancing electronic versions of the same ads for the online versions of newspapers and magazines.

Flyers, large or small, can be used to target a specific audience. They can be used in a traditional postal mailing campaign, a leaflet drop in a certain part of town, or be left in strategic places. They can also be inserted into targeted publications, or be used within your own premises. Flyers are also ideal for information that might change on a regular basis, such as monthly specials or limited offers.

All ads and flyers created by our designers – whether digital or print – complement your business image and make full use of your branding. They can also promote your website, and can be used to carry out electronic or traditional marketing campaigns too.