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Saving paper & the planet by using effective document management

Paper copies of documents have their uses, but for real efficiency, consider a document repository system from Inspire. Better than a traditional local area network (LAN), our document repository system uses the Internet to provide authorised access to employees wherever they might be working.

Imagine if all your employees, wherever they are, could access the same documents around the clock. Rather than being locked in one filing cabinet accessible only in one building from 9–5, five days a week, in one time zone, all your important documents could be securely online and ready to share 24/7. Staff could all have access to the same information, work collaboratively on a document together, save and share versions, and print when required. If all your important documents are already online, we can create a logical, organised system for your electronic documents going forward; we can also scan and integrate existing paperwork.

A document repository can also act as your company’s Intranet: a place to store documents relevant and accessible to all employees such as policies, procedures and manuals.

Inspire can also advise on and implement disaster planning and recovery procedures. It’s easy to replace office furniture after a flood or fire, but do you know how you would replace your essential data? What would happen to your stock reports, customer details or accounts if your server went down permanently? How would you complete an important project if the manager’s laptop were stolen? Or if an employee accidentally (or on purpose) erased key client files? How long can your business afford not to sell its goods online if disaster strikes? For all these situations – and more – backing up your data, and planning and testing your disaster plan is essential; in short, disaster planning should be as much a part of good business practice as keeping your buildings and contents insurance up to date.

All of our document repository and disaster planning services are bespoke, designed to fit the needs of only one organisation – yours – so speak to us today about how we can improve your business communication and security.