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Technical Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all the work done on a website that is behind the scenes. It is about making your site more attractive to search algorithms.

By optimising these technical aspects, search engine algorithms find it much easier to find, read and understand your website. This then leads to your chances of ranking high on results pages being maximised. Effective technical SEO can have a significant impact on the success of your website's visibility, traffic and digital marketing success. 

If you want to get a deeper understanding of how your current website's technical SEO is performing then get in touch. Our specialist team can dive deep into your site's inner workings and get it performing at its best. We offer full website audits, technical SEO support and web design packages.  


What is Technical SEO? 

Technical SEO refers to optimising your site for the crawling and indexing of search engines. Unlike on-page SEO, technical has little to do with your website's content, but everything to do with its infrastructure. This aspect of your website has many elements, which can each be optimised for better performance and online visibility. 

Below are some of the main elements of technical SEO. These are the areas Inspire can optimise. With our help, you can increase organic traffic and improve your chances of appearing on that first page of search results. 


Site architecture 

Your website's structure is a crucial role in its user experience and how it interacts with search engines. Having a simple and intuitive structure to your site makes it much easier for search engines to index pages and understand its layout. 

Your site's architecture not only improves SEO but is an essential factor in how long visitors stay on your website. More straightforward navigation and the ability to find what they need quickly encourages visitors to stay on your site much longer. This then helps to build better relationships with potential customers and increases your chances of a sale. 

Do you think your current website is a little tricky to navigate, or are you looking for a completely new site? Inspire can help by restructuring or designing the optimal site architecture. This includes link building and URL structure to make it simple to navigate by both user and search engine. 


XML sitemaps 

As with your site's architecture, having an optimised sitemap is an important technical SEO element. As the name may tell you, sitemaps act as maps for search engines, making them easier to understand and index. XML files contain a list on all pages with publication and update dates.  

Our team can help create a fully optimised XML sitemap. Getting your website and pages running smoothly, and easy to index, can have a range of benefits. Easiest navigation and greater optimisation for ranking factors can all be gained with the right sitemap. 


Site speed 

A negative experience will make it likely a site visitor will not return. As many of us have experienced, slow loading web pages leads to frustration, and search engines mark a website down if they encounter this. 

Google has been very vocal about how the loading speed of websites is essential for good SEO. Previously Google has stated 'as page load time goes from one second to 10 seconds, the probability of a mobile site visitor bouncing increases 123%'. This demonstrates the importance of speed in customer engagement. 

By making sure your website's infrastructure is running smoothly, Inspire can help to increase your web page's loading speed. By doing this, your site has a higher chance of better search engine rankings and creating a nicer user experience. 


Duplicate content issues 

Simply put, your website should have no duplicate content. Many are tempted to use this copied content to manipulate searches to better their rankings. To avoid a Google penalty, you should avoid copying from other websites. During a technical SEO audit, Inspire can seek out and adjust any duplicate content to prevent any search engine penalties. 



Security is a must for any website. This is why encrypting all the information moving between server and website is a significant benefit. This can be achieved with security protocols such as SSL and TLS. These useful elements of technical SEO help keep your site and data secure. 

We understand that not everyone has skill or time to employ strong security measures. Inspire's experts in technical SEO, and web design can step in and help. We know all the tricks and techniques and will use every tool to keep your website running smoothly and securely. 


Friendly for mobile use 

All elements of your website should be optimised across different platforms, especially mobile. Mobile searches have quickly overtaken desktops for the people's primary method. This is why it's vital for both desktop and mobile versions of your website to be considered from both usability and SEO viewpoints. 

Your site needs to run smoothly, load quickly and be easy to navigate on as many platforms as possible. If this element is ignored, the rankings for your web pages will suffer. This is why Inspire ensures any work we do can optimise your site across platforms.