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Give your website an authority boost

What are Backlinks? 

Backlinks, sometimes called inbound links, incoming links or one-way links are an important aspect of a website's SEO.  

They are simply links between one website to another and are most commonly found in a page's content. There are no restrictions about where these backlinks come from, it could be a blog post, news article or social media account. Keep in mind though, not all backlinks are equal and aren't as powerful when built into any piece of content.  

Backlinks have been a part of Google’s search engine algorithm since its first appearance, under the name PageRank. Since then the elements of backlinking haven't changed much, but that doesn't mean they are any less important today.  

Search engines, like Google, judge a site’s credibility and trustworthiness in several ways. One of these ways is through the amount and quality of the backlinks a site has towards it. Web page’s with lots of backlinks tend to have high organic search engine rankings, making them a vital element of any SEO campaign. 

The value in a backlink comes from it acting as a vote of confidence from another site. They suggest to search engines that the content on your pages is valuable and worth directing traffic to. The more votes of confidence a page has, the more traffic it can receive and the higher it sits on search result rankings.  

Quality can overcome quantity  

As mentioned earlier, not all links are equal. To get the most benefit from links, you should aim for “quality backlinks”. This is because they can be much more powerful than those of a lower quality. By quality, it is meant that the link is from a source which is seen as trusted and authoritative by search engines.  

This by itself is not that surprising as it works the same way we would choose a website to visit. Would you trust a link from a random blog post more than one from a trusted news or university website? 

This concept is known as Domain Authority, meaning the more authority a website has, the more it can pass on through links to your site. This type of backlink may be difficult to obtain but they are absolutely worth the effort. One quality backlink can have a greater effect on a site’s organic traffic than hundreds of low-quality links. 

With our packages, or as a bespoke service, Inspire can take all the hard work and stress off your plate. By creating quality backlinks to your website we can build your site up and have search engines view it as a more reputable source. This means better ranking, more views and hopefully more customers getting in touch.