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Infographics are a great way to explain complex information in a visual style.  Whether you have a mass of statistics to put across to an audience of non-statisticians, a technical process you need to explain, or even a Sale you want to promote, a good infographic does the job with impact and pizzazz.  A bad one will leave the reader puzzled and confused.  There’s more to those clear, apparently simple images than meets the eye.

Good infographic design begins with the information you want to get across, so when you ask us to create one for you, we will start with the basics: who is the infographic aimed at, how do you want the reader to progress though the information and what result are you hoping to achieve?

Although an infographic looks like an image, it is based on text and the text underlies the whole design process.  The graphics are there to aid understanding and allow the reader’s brain to make connections more easily.  Some designs will work better with your data than others: you may need a recognisable image, charts or simple blocks of colour, for example.  We’ll help you decide what works best for your purposes.

We can also incorporate your branding into the design, tie the style in with your other marketing materials, and link the infographic to your website or prepare it for print, as required.