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Reach potential clients on the go with a mobile focussed site

Viewing a ‘desktop’ website on a smartphone can be a painful process. Large images load slowly and big sites can be hard to navigate on a small screen.

It can even be so painful that many smartphone users get fed up waiting for ‘desktop’ sites to load – and take their business elsewhere, usually to a rival who has a mobile-friendly site.

Why? Websites designed specifically for mobile devices load quickly and get straight to the point, keeping your customer on the path to her intended purchase or visit.
Mobile-specific websites assume, because your customer is searching for something on her phone, that she’s likely to be on the go. She’s most likely to want fairly basic information, like addresses, times, contact details or menus and be using her finger rather than a trackpad or mouse.  

With a mobile-specific website, all the information your customer sees about your business is tailored – automatically – to her particular device. It comes up quickly too. By having fewer images, mobile-specific websites load faster. All the necessary elements – including big, chunky buttons to ease navigation – fit onto any size smartphone or tablet screen, right there in front of her.

Having a mobile-specific version of your website is essential if you want to capture the business of customers ‘on the go’– and an absolute necessity in catering, entertainment or tourism. But traditional businesses can’t afford to ignore the smartphone revolution either. Customers are increasingly using mobile devices to shop, and if they can’t get what they want easily from you, they’ll buy it or book it from someone else.

From December 2014 over half of all search traffic came from mobile phones. Speak to us today, to make sure you don’t lose half your business tomorrow.