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Looking to hire a web development contractor? We'll lend you one!

It wasn’t long after founding Inspire that we noticed how much some marketing agencies and web development firms struggled with their staffing levels.  They either had too many workers and not enough work, or not enough staff to allow them to take on exciting new projects as quickly as they appeared.  They also occasionally, lacked the full range of skills and experience needed to allow them to offer a complete service to their clients.

Some firms we spoke to also lacked an in-house development team; going out to tender for every project became time-consuming and resulted in a mix of styles, variable coding quality and often poor process management.  Those that had in-house teams found them too expensive to expand and then maintain when that exciting new work dried up.  They reported that on average, adding a new developer to their staff cost them 30–40% more per year than the advertised salary – a significant liability in lean times.

To help these firms and others like them, we launched the ‘Dedicated Developer’ service. We can make a highly skilled developer available to you at either a fixed cost for a defined amount of time (usually a minimum of three months), or at an agreed rate until the completion of your project.  To allow you to take advantage of our structured approach to development, the package also includes the time of a dedicated Inspire Account Manager, plus a Project Manager working to PRINCE2 principles, billed at an hourly rate.

Your Dedicated Developer works to your requirements document, and you remain in 100% control of what he or she does with their time.  Your Inspire Account Manager works with you to monitor progress and to discuss any changes to your requirements that may occur along the way.  Working with your Inspire Account Manager, your Project Manager co-ordinates inputs from graphic designers and other teams throughout the build.

As we provide a remote service, our outsourcing package leaves you with no additional ‘on-site’ expenses; Inspire pays the salary, training costs and benefits of your new team members, leaving you with no long-term commitment when the project is finished.  Wherever possible, we will assign the same developer to you for future work.  We are happy to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements safeguarding your brand and service to your end client; our goal is to build a relationship with you as our client, not with your end clients themselves.

So, if you are a graphic designer needing developers to make your work come to life, a web developer needing more hours for an important project or a marketing firm wanting to offer a fuller service to your clients, speak to Inspire about our flexible and affordable outsourcing solutions.  Make the most of Inspire’s experience and expand your business, not your payroll!