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Our Process helps clients get value online using PRINCE2 Project Management

We aren't just Experts in Web Development.

Inspire use established Software Engineering and world class PRINCE2 Project Management processes to define, design, build and deliver a wide range of browser based web applications.  Our Project Management approach is designed to help the project to be delivered on time, to quality and within budget. 

Project Lifecycle

  • Scope & Feasibility
    • The output of this phase is to produce a High Level Proposal that is fully costed with a clear site structure (specifying those unique page layouts) and functionality brief.
    • We will work with you to understand the Project scope and Key Stakeholders.
    • Depending on the project size, we will either mind map the project or run a facilitation exercise.  This enables us to work on the websites purpose, objectives and demonstrate what a great online presence will deliver.  But we never forget the needs of those who will visit the site.
  • Definition
    • The output of this phase is a detailed requirements document.
    • Expanding on the High Level Proposal, the requirements document will cover 3 areas: general requirements, page requirements and content management system requirements.
    • There will be a detailed requirements document for both the desktop PC and mobile version.
    • Project tasks, dependencies, assumptions, resources and issues are all identified.
    • Responsibility for dependencies allocated (content: imagery, text; access details: social media platforms, 3rd party platform integration (e.g. booking engine, email subscription, property feed, shopping feed, …) and accountability for management of delivery allocated.
  • Design
    • The output of this phase is a storyboard of the new website.
    • Using the detailed requirements document and the associated materials collated, our designers start with the home page design.
    • On client sign off of the home page design, we move onto the remaining unique page layouts.
    • Once all mocks are signed off, we will deconstruct these for the Developer to start development.
  • Development
    • The output of this phase is a fully built website populated with client content (if provided at this stage).
    • The Developer will take the detailed requirements as a functional brief and the deconstructed design to build the site.
  • Systems & User Acceptance Testing (internal)
    • System Testing ensures that the system specified (functional and non-functional) has been delivered.
    • UAT checks that the system delivers what was defined and designed.
    • Cross browser and cross device testing.
  • Client Walkthrough
    • At this stage, we walk through the website with the client and their team.
    • This phase can also highlight any outstanding dependencies.
    • Any requested changes at this stage might be considered out of scope which may incur additional costs.
  • Release & Deployment Management
    • This involves planning the deployment of the website into live.
    • Live server environment preparation e.g. Backups, 3rd Party SMTP Relay and many more.
    • Implement a change freeze.
    • If there is an existing website, then we will identify any requirements for 301 Redirects and take a copy of existing site database.
    • Ensure all 3rd party software tracking tools are installed.
    • Apply DNS change amendments.
  • Post Live Commission Testing
    • Once a website has been made live our work is not completed, this phase of the project involves:
    • Ensuring all 301 Redirects are in place;
    • Analytics are tracking;
    • Testing of all website functionality and 3rd party integrations;
    • Cross browser and cross device testing; and
    • Site speed analysis, review and actions.
  • Client Training
    • Some of our clients like to deliver training to staff internally and we are available to carry this out.
    • We carry out site training on the live website. We find that this is necessary as the pre-live training is carried out on a test environment and a live scenario environment may sometimes have differences.
    • Site training is not just about the Content Management System but with Concept Websites this can also involve training on Member and/or Client areas of the website.
  • Full Support & Maintenance
    • All our website design and builds are costed to include 1 year of SUPPORT & MAINTENANCE.
    • We see it as our responsibility to ensure you get the most from your online presence, with that in mind we:
    • Regularly monitor, manage and protect the site and server for different vector attacks;
    • Ensuring all 3rd party software versions are kept up to date;
    • Should you or we come across any other issues we will investigate further, review  and propose a solution, there is always a friendly voice at the end of the line - you can call our Perth Office on 01738 700006 or Email support@inspire.scot.

Site Reviews

Exclusive to Inspire Customers, we offer a complementary website review every six months.
This is valid for every client that we have delivered a custom, concept, e-commerce and/or business website project for.

Our six month website reviews are designed to ensure you get the most from your website presence.

We’ll provide guidance on where we see a trend emerging so that you can be fully informed on what is going on.  Representing testimonials on your website is a great example of evolution as we see the movement away from curated, text testimonials towards client video testimonials and/or integration of 3rd party review feedback sites.

There are four areas we cover during the review:

  • Are there any Elephants in the room?
    • Are there any training needs on the website? Recap on any training needs to use our content management system.
    • As much as we monitor our clients website, we encourage clients to advise of any issues or niggles whenever they occur. However asking the question directly is a great means of being a catch all.
    • Sometimes this has highlighted out of scope issues with the client’s tech e.g. broadband connection, out of date browser version, malware infected machines, out of date desktop software. As much as these are outside of our control, they do impact on our clients' ability to function smoothly online, which is why we can provide guidance and/or direction as to how best to resolve.
    • As a business, we are striving to improve and it’s great to have a structured means of getting feedback from clients.
  • Is the website still fit for purpose?  Does it still represent your business?
    • On the surface this may seem a strange question given we defined, designed and delivered the website, however the online world is evolving at a tremendous pace and we feel that this question needs to be asked constantly to ensure we are place the end user and our client’s needs first.
    • Our websites are built to evolve as our clients business grows.  By doing this we ensure that the site is future proofed as much as possible.
    • Has the business model evolved?
    • As a business grows, it is common for new services to be added, removed or changed, are these changes on the website?
    • Have you won any awards or received new accreditations that are not reflected on the site?
    • Have you shared any testimonials?
    • What are your plans for the next six months and how can the website be positioned to support you?  
  • Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics and Interpreting the Data!
    • We review and interpret your onsite traffic using the likes of Google Analytics.
    • We use Screaming Frog to analyse the onsite SEO of our clients website and provide guidance on what to do to rectify.
    • Using Google Webmaster Tools, we keep our clients informed through identifying gaps then interpreting/highlighting these and what is required to turn these into opportunities.
    • Interpretation is key.  In the past this process has highlighted the exponential growth of “Ghost Traffic” which can completely skews how well a website is performing.
  • What do we see coming next?  How can this be used to your advantage?
    • With clients locally, nationally and internationally Inspire are in an excellent position to see trends that are happening on a global scale.
    • When you ally that with the many clients Inspire help through our “Developer SOS” service we see the issues faced by website owners on a different level to most Web Design & Development businesses.
    • Over the years, we’ve seen the rise of Social Media and advised our clients on how to harness this.
    • Very early evangelists for our clients to invest in advanced mobile specific websites versus the more mainstream and simpler approach for simple responsive.
    • The exponential growth of spammers, the consequences for email providers who tighten spam filters and consequences for lost business opportunities if website enquiries are delayed or undelivered can be huge.
    • Our ability to identify these trends and many others is one of our key Unique Selling Points.

Inspire are a team of business analysts, php/mySQL developers, user interface designers, front end desktop + mobile web designers, graphic designers, digital marketing and programme manager.

Each of the team are tasked with becoming the absolute best in their field and this contributes hugely to supporting our clients.

Stay ahead of the competition and to book your site review today you can call our Perth Office on 01738 700006 or Email support@inspire.scot or complete our Website Form below.