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There is no escaping the fact that the mobile life style is well and truly embedded in our culture.  With the number of smartphones in the world expected to surpass 2 billion in 2016, a business that does not consider a mobile strategy in their digital marketing campaigns will be left behind.

A mobile specific site is:

  • Easy to use – site visitors won’t wait more than 3 seconds on a site loading –make sure yours appears…..fast with mobile
  • SEO friendly – Google now actively choosing mobile pages to appear higher in page searches.  Don’t consign yourself to page 2 or lower where, quite frankly, no-one has time to look
  • Better for Client Retention – by making is easy and useful for your clients, they won’t need to look elsewhere
  • Accessible 24/7 for your clients and prospects – let your website work for you around the clock.

A Mobile Specific site is a separate version of the desktop design.  A desktop site may well not only sell the service or product, but inform and update and be a customer resource. It should look very attractive with great imagery and intuitive design layout.  It should be packed with relevant information and added extras to make the site visit an experience

But when the site is accessed via a smartphone – and remember the users on a smartphone are doing this in short micro bursts of activity – they want engagement and information fast.  They don’t need lavish images which can take a long time to load over a mobile connection.  They want to complete their need there and then.

A well laid out Mobile Specific website will have calls to action prominently displayed, simple menu structures which are quick to navigate and an extremely fast load time – ideally less than 3 seconds over a mobile connection.

Businesses without a mobile version of their website, will be left behind.  Don’t be one of them.