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Unique web design using Magento 2

Always striving to provide the best of the best to our customers, we are delighted to include Magento 2 as a key part of our web development services. Upgrading existing Magento websites or building from scratch, we can help to create something truly fantastic and utterly unique to your business. 

What is Magento? 

Websites come in different forms, each with its own goals and job to do. This means that every site is different and needs the right platform, features and functionality to perform as it should. 

Have you ever used an eCommerce website and wondered how it is that you can browse, order and pay for products so easily? This is thanks to the platform the site was built upon.  

In the same way systems like WordPress create easily updatable content sites, eCommerce platforms help create websites which best showcase and sell products online. 

Magento is one of the leading examples of this type of software. An open-source eCommerce platform, the latest and most powerful version of the platform, Magento 2. This version is a significant improvement upon its predecessor with a range of new features and improved functionality, making it an excellent choice for developing a new eCommerce site. 

While there is no doubt that Magento 2 is excellent for the design and development of high-class eCommerce websites, there are some issues you need to consider. The primary one is the platform’s scale and complexity. 

With a large number of features and integrations, Magento 2 development can be complicated and takes time. This is where experience plays a significant role. Developers familiar with the platform already know how to get the most from it.  

So if you're thinking of tackling the platform to get your new site up and running, you should consider contacting an experienced design and development team for guidance. Inspire has this experience and is ready to help you with your project. 

However, it may be that Magento 2 is too complex or too expensive for your business needs. In that case, there are other options out there which can still create a fantastic eCommerce site. For example, there is WooCommerce, another high-customisable platform that supports integrated apps. 

The benefits of Magento 2  

So what is it that Magento 2 does well and how can it beat out the competition? 

The basic features of Magento 2 are enough to build something amazing. It has everything an eCommerce website needs to perform brilliantly. With our experience in working with Magento Community, we know how to use the latest plug-ins, extensions and designs to produce amazing results. 

  • Product management: easily manage images, lists, categories, comments and inventory. 
  • Client account management: see and manage the accounts made by customers. 
  • Customer-service functionality: adds features such as customer contact forms and email management. 
  • Order Management: easily manage and process large amounts of orders 
  • Payments: offers a range of different payment options from credit cards and PayPal, to external payment modules like CyberSource and ePay. 
  • Search technology: making websites easier to manage and simpler to navigate. 
  • International support: includes multi-lingual and monetary support features 
  • Promotional and marketing tools: straightforward application of the use of coupons, sales and promotions. 
  • Analysis features: easy to integrate with apps like Google Analytics to provide multiple reports. 

These Magento 2 features give you a sense of its capability. But what is it that really separates Magento 2 from the competition?