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Let us take your profile to the next level

Does your Google My Business (GMB) listing need a boost? Or have you recently used our GMB starter pack? Whatever the case, our GM Boost service can take your Google listing to the next level.  

We offer this service to boost what's already there, in order to increase the conversion of those interacting with your business listing. We do this in two ways: 

  • Make your listing more attractive 
  • Optimise! 

While having a listing gets you in the game, and gets your name out there, customers are still more likely to choose the most attractive option.  

A basic business listing is great for sharing information, but it still has to compete with other search results. Which would you choose? The business with no pictures and basic information, or the listing filled with positive reviews and attractive imagery. 

Your listing can go from basic to brilliant, and all it takes is a little help from us to give it a boost. Our years of experience, specialist knowledge and a suite of expert tools can give your listing a makeover and have it performing at its best. 

GM Boost can benefit your business in three ways. It will help it to: 

Discover new customers 

Any business which aims to grow needs to discover new clients. As a part of our GM Boost, we can analyse where your current search traffic is coming from. This more in-depth understanding of your visitors helps us to see where your GMB listing is strong, and where it is underperforming. This is achieved by looking at which postcodes visitors to your listing are located and will help to build a more robust digital marketing strategy. 

Another way our service can help your business discover new clients is by creating more opportunities for customers to leave reviews. It's a fantastic way to show potential customers what you offer and entice them in. Along with the other tweaks and improvements our boost offers, our boost will organically increase enquiries to your business and make it easier for customers to visit you. 

Our GM Boost will also simplify the process of generating and receiving quotations, streamlining customer engagement and creating a better customer experience.  

Reach more customers 

It's also important for a business to reach as many customers as possible, which is why we will work with you to reach new customers while building your brand.  

As a part of our GM Boost, we will make sure your Google listing grabs the attention of visitors. By updating imagery and creating new and original content, we will make a profile for your business which catches the eye and turn views into sales. 

Engage with your clients 

Now that you have a listing to discover and reach new customers, we will make it easier for you to engage with them.  

We will implement and teach you how to use your GMB listing to track every client opportunity easily. By knowing how to monitor aspects such as phone calls, directions, impressions and visitors, you can get to know which areas of your SEO need improvement.  

Our GM Boost can also help you identify where the next opportunities for your business are. Monthly reports will let you know what more needs to be done and where to focus on for better results. 

If you're yet to claim your Google business listing, then we can help you get in the game with our GMB start pack. If you're looking for a deeper understanding of your listings performance, then our KGPO service can help to give you insight.