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There's still a place for traditional paper based stationery

Many people thought the digital revolution would kill off traditional forms of communication. Almost two decades on, it’s clear that hasn’t been the case. Emails are perfectly fine for routine conversations and enquiries, but there will always be a place in commerce for a formal letter on good quality paper. Estimates, receipts and guarantees are all slightly more formal (and permanent) parts of business communication and need to be treated with respect!

A suite of custom-designed stationery gives your business a more professional image. It shows that you are well established, and have taken the time to think about your firm’s place in the market. Our designers create artwork for the traditional sizes (A4, US letter, US legal and more) as well as digital letterheads. Essentially a word-processing template (for programmes such as Word) with your firm’s details and logo already in place, digital letterheads can be printed by a regular printer on your usual paper.

Business cards, too, are essential even in a wireless age. Every meeting becomes a networking event with quality cards in your wallet or purse. Can you afford to miss an opportunity to build your business?

Compliments slips are a great way to remind customers of your details when you send out a sample or purchase. They are also useful for writing short notes about your products for customers who want to take away some information (such as measurements, sizes or colours) to consider at home. No business should ever miss a chance to make a sale, and compliments slips used in this way can help you stay in your customer’s mind for much longer.

Eye-catching product labelling is another essential part of business development. Whether it’s sticky labels for your homemade jam, price tags for your hand-knitted jumpers or daily menus for your pub, our graphic designers can carry your image – funky or traditional, humorous or conservative – right across your business.