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Profit from your email subscribers through email campaign management

Done correctly email campaigns are an effective way of targeting your audience and driving traffic to your website.

For all our email campaigns we work closely with our graphic designers to create a message template that matches your business branding. We then add your logo and any other key product or service images. When the template is done, we add text and images to your message through a bespoke content management system, and it’s ready to send.

You can make our email templates work for you in many ways: to advertise end-of season sales, discounts, new products or special offers. You can also use them as newsletters, keeping customers up to date with your views on current events, changes in regulations or about how to access your services.

If you’ve never managed an email campaign before, don’t worry. We will give you full training and advice on how to construct the most effective message for all email programmes – and beat the dreaded spam filters! If you don’t have the time to do the campaign yourself, we can construct and send messages on your behalf, with your mailing lists, at the agreed time.

At the end of every campaign you will receive detailed data on key aspects of the promotion, including the number of messages sent and how many were opened. Unlike traditional mailshots which disappear from your radar as soon as the postman puts it through a customer’s door, our tracking software will allow to monitor – and act on – how your message is being received.