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Harness the power of online shopping with an e-commerce site

Can you afford a shop in every city in the world?  Of course not. But you can afford an e-Commerce website, which is the next best thing.

In today’s competitive trading environment you need to give customers every possible opportunity to make that purchase or book that service. You need an e-Commerce site that is easy to find, easy to use, and easy to spend money on. It also needs to be reliable, to make sure you complete every sale every time.

All our e-Commerce sites are built around our clients’ documented needs on the most appropriate platform for their business. As they are all individually designed they can include any aspects of our other packages, plus e-Commerce options such as:

  • Full control of your product catalogue to add new categories and products any time you like
  • Featured products on your homepage
  • Discount voucher codes
  • Customer product reviews
  • Discounted sales e.g. ‘take 10% off all products at Christmas’
  • A smooth process for adding products to the shopping cart and checking out
  • A wide range of delivery options
  • A fully integrated payment system from providers like WorldPay, Secure Trading or PayPal
  • Secure SSL certificate protection for pages with confidential customer information

All our e-Commerce sites include either fully integrated payment (where the customer stays and pays on your own website) or non-integrated payment (where the customer is taken to an external site to complete their transaction and are then sent back to your site once the sale has been successful). We always recommend the former as it is much more slick and instils more confidence in your customers, but the latter is usually cheaper and sometimes preferable for a new online business. With either option, we use SSL encryption to give your customers total confidence that their purchase is secure.