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The Brief

Inspire worked with an ongoing monthly search strategy that would help deliver commercial results across key product areas for Landscape Brothers, leading to a 100% increase in organic sessions.


About Landscape Brothers

A family-run business founded in 2008, Landscape Brothers grew from a small, local landscaping service to a team of experts in landscape architecture, planting design and installers of everything from driveways to stunning outdoor living environments.

With an emphasis on convenience, efficiency and providing clients with peace of mind, the company continues to innovate and adjust to the changing landscape of their industry by offering new products, online design and planning functionalities and partnerships with some of the UK's leading suppliers of outdoor living products.

How we helped

Landscape Brothers came to us wanting to improve their online presence with the eventual goals of increasing their organic traffic and search visibility for a number of key terms. 

After an audit of their website and online performance, as well as chat about their needs and requirements, we helped identify where they were falling short and what opportunities they had to boost their business. This included highlighting how organic search / search engine optimisation (SEO) would be a much more efficient and cost-effective investment for online marketing.

After this, they joined Inspire on a custom level SEO package, meaning we could devote a monthly effort to achieving our goals which cover every aspect of search marketing, from research and analysis and the creation of new targeted content to the improvement of their backlink architecture and the site’s technical performance.

 “The first meeting with Inspire was an eye-opening experience. Their knowledge and experience in the field of SEO is extensive and they very quickly identified weaknesses in our website setup and our digital marketing in general.

The Audit & Consultancy included an action plan which was the starting point to implement the improvements.

We were able to establish good communication quickly and we now see the whole Inspire team more like our internal marketing department than a separate company. We receive regular progress reports and have regular catch-up meetings to make sure we are going in the right direction.

We are very pleased, and we’d highly recommend Inspire as a trusted partner for your company’s presence on the internet.”

Artur Krolczyk - Owner, Landscape Brothers

The results

  • 209% Increase in organic traffic
  • 187% Increase in organic keywords
  • 265% Increase in secured backlinks
  • 117% Increase in new users

Since our first conversation with Artur, we’ve seen a massive improvement to Landscape Brothers’ online presence in terms of traffic (the number of people visiting the website online), the number of keywords they now rank for on results pages and the number of other people and businesses linking back to their website. 

The monthly organic search strategy and our close work with Landscape Brothers have delivered some impressive results after one year, including increasing the number of page one terms from six to 42.

Their results show how a tailored approach, a dedicated team and a close relationship can lead to fantastic results. 

As we continue working with Landscape Brothers, we expect to keep seeing these numbers improve, all while helping them to stay on top of their competition and spot opportunities.

To improve and grow your website, the first step is usually to fully understand where you are starting from, allowing you to create an effective plan to improve and grow. 

So, if you want more from your online presence, contact Inspire Digital and ask us: “who is eating my lunch?” 

We’ll show you what your competition is up to and create a plan to help you beat them.