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Unpacking digital transformation

by  Angela Watt on  26/05/2023

Digital transformation. It's become a buzzword in the corporate world, darting around meeting rooms and popping up in strategy discussions. But what does it truly mean? And more importantly, how do you successfully implement it in your business? We believe digital transformation isn't just about shifting from paper to pixels—it's about enhancing efficiency, creating seamless user experiences, and driving sustainable growth.


Let's delve into a case study that showcases digital transformation in action: Keepsafe, a rapidly expanding self-storage facility. To manage its growth and streamline operations, Keepsafe reached out to us for a robust, web-based solution that would dovetail with Space Manager software. The wish-list included everything from a sleek, image-led design to a customised, user-friendly content management system. Most critically, they sought a seamless integration of the Space Manager software to create a one-stop-shop for customers and staff alike.


We thrive on challenges, and the Keepsafe project was no exception. We upgraded servers, smoothed out integration issues, and built a dynamic customer calculator that offers on-the-spot quotes for storage units. But we didn't stop at mere functionality. We also bolstered Keepsafe's online presence, with local SEO efforts driving an 800% surge in website traffic.


But what does this mean in real terms? Keepsafe now boasts an online presence that keeps customers informed of availability and costs and its storage containers filled. The website is a hub of functionality, a testament to the power of digital transformation. And it's not magic—it's the result of our tried-and-tested process at Inspire, and data-driven decision making.


With our expertise, we can help your business ride the wave of digital transformation too. From software integration to SEO strategy, we have the tools and the talent to make your digital dreams a reality. If you're ready to unpack your potential, contact us today.

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