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Handling negative feedback: your guide to mastering Google Reviews

by  Angela Watt on  22/05/2023

In this digital era, no platform is perhaps more influential to a business's reputation than Google Reviews. Think about it. The first thing you do when considering a new restaurant, shop, or service is to Google it. And there, gleaming like a digital billboard, are the reviews - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

So far, I’ve been very lucky. Being a Client Engagement and Communications Officer at a company like Inspire Digital means that these days I hardly ever need to deal with a negative comment from a client. But, as we all know, issues can sometimes happen. Negative feedback, although disheartening, presents a golden opportunity to turn a critic into an ally. Your response to Google Reviews, more so than any other platform, can significantly influence your online reputation. So, how do you ace this high-stakes performance? Let's break it down.


Step 1: embrace the spotlight

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. No matter how scathing a Google Review may be, it's critical to see it as an opportunity for growth. Responding shows you are transparent, value customer opinions, and are committed to resolving issues.


Step 2: acknowledge and apologise

A gentle acknowledgement goes a long way. Even if the feedback seems unjustified, empathising with the customer's dissatisfaction is key. A sincere apology demonstrates your dedication to customer satisfaction.


Step 3: keep the first act public

Before diving into the details privately, ensure your initial response is public. It's crucial that onlookers see your commitment to addressing the issue. After that, you can move the conversation offline to solve the problem thoroughly.


Step 4: investigate like a detective

Each negative review is a case to crack. Dig into the issue, liaise with different teams, and gather all the facts. This helps ensure the resolution offered is fair and accurate.


Step 5: offer a resolution

Whether it's a refund, a service recovery gesture, or a promise of process improvement, offering a solution is vital. This is your chance to convert a disgruntled customer into a satisfied one and demonstrate your commitment to quality service.


Step 6: learn and grow

Treat each piece of negative feedback as a lesson. Use it to refine your processes, enhance your product, or better your staff training. Reducing future negative feedback is the ultimate victory.



Now, a word on ‘trolls’ - those who thrive on creating unrest. In such cases, maintain your dignity. Express your regret over their dissatisfaction, share your viewpoint professionally, and step back.


Remember: Google Reviews can make or break your online reputation. However, with a composed, customer-focused approach, you can transform a challenge into a triumph.

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