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Top five examples of artificial intelligence in the workplace

by  Angela Watt on  12/05/2023

We're increasingly seeing artificial intelligence (AI) weave its way into our daily routines, streamlining tasks, and amplifying our human capabilities. And no, we're not talking about a Matrix-style takeover (yet); rather, AI is the invisible force that's driving growth and efficiency in businesses across the world. So, grab a cuppa, and let's explore the top five examples of AI in the workplace.

Ensuring compliance: We're kicking off with the serious stuff. Compliance, while not the most exciting topic at the dinner table, is critical for business. AI has stepped in to ease the burden. It's like a diligent wee patroller in the digital landscape, ensuring data protection, and warding off any potential breaches. It checks for compliance faster than a haggis running downhill, and at a scale that would leave any human in the dust. For this crucial task, consider DataRobot. It's an AI platform that can help businesses maintain compliance by identifying potential risks, predicting future issues, and ensuring data protection.

Enabling knowledge management: Ah, knowledge management - sounds great, but how do you sift through the mountains of information to find the golden nugget you need? Enter AI. It's like a digital sherpa, guiding you through the information Everest, and delivering the right information at just the right time. In essence, it takes the 'search' out of 'searching'. Guru is a fantastic AI-powered knowledge management tool. It integrates with the tools you already use and delivers the right information to you and your team, right when you need it.

Digital adoption capabilities: Digital adoption can be tricky. Thankfully, AI is here to help. With smart capabilities like UI Intelligence, it's like having a friendly guide leading you through the digital maze, identifying stumbling blocks, and streamlining the path to completion. For that end, WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is an excellent tool that uses AI and machine learning to analyse user interactions with software and business processes. It helps identify areas of struggle and underutilisation, paving a smoother path to digital adoption.

Making sense of HR benefits: AI in HR? Absolutely! It's like your own personal HR assistant. AI tool Xander, by Ultimate Software, can be used in HR for detecting employee engagement trends, gauging satisfaction with selected programs, and optimising benefit offerings through predictive modelling. Who knew AI could be so personable?

Pushing back on paper pushing: Lastly, we have AI helping to banish the bane of every office – paperwork. Automation Anywhere is a leading robotic process automation (RPA) tool that uses AI to automate end-to-end back-office processes. It can significantly increase analytics capabilities, simplify audit processes, and reduce manual paperwork. It's like having a super-efficient office manager, tirelessly working to keep everything running smoothly.

As you can see, AI in the workplace is not just some far-off sci-fi concept and goes way beyond having amusing conversations with ChatGPT. Artificial intelligence is here to stay, and it's something we are already investing in here at Inspire.

If you're wondering how to harness these AI capabilities for your own business, we'd be delighted to help. We specialise in guiding companies through the digital landscape, including the implementation of appropriate AI into your digital strategies.  

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