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Explore The Latest Trends For Your Business With Google Trends

by  David Dwyer on  16/03/2017    586 Reads

Explore The Latest Trends For Your Business With Google Trends

Here Is How Your Business Can Benefit From Looking At Popular Trends 

Do you pay attention to seasonal trends when it comes to your digital marketing?   With Mother’s Day just around the corner – it’s Sunday 26th in case you were wondering – are you capitalising on the occasion for your business?

Occasions like Easter, Christmas and Halloween all compel shoppers to search for different needs.  Perhaps it might be seasonal for your business, maybe take into account significant events in your area. 

All of these, and much more, can seriously impact the behaviour and expectations of your customers.

But how can you research these behaviours and make the right decisions for your digital marketing?

Google has a wealth of tools available to you.   We particularly like Google Trends.   This nifty tool shows search interest over time for anything you want.   To demonstrate how this works we’ve taken 5 of the top destinations in Scotland according to Visit Scotland and here are the results.

Google Trends - Digital Marketing

Edinburgh Castle and Edinburgh Zoo are consistently more searched for than the others.  The Kelpies show some small peaks which marks their opening.  So, if we were running a small hotel in Scotland, this graph would suggest that we should find a way to include information relating to Edinburgh in our metatags and keywords.

Another good tool to look at is Google Keyword Planner.  It’s part of the Google Adwords product but you don’t need to go down the whole adwords route.   You can just use the Keyword planner to get some ideas and perhaps identify trends and where you might want to explore further.

Bear in mind though that the traffic stats shown on this can be a bit of a hit or a miss so don’t treat it as 100% accurate.

Of course, there is always the full Google Analytics package but you do need your webmaster to have installed this onto your website.

The real benefit of Google Analytics is that you can really drill down into the user behaviour of visitors to your site: where are they, what device have they used, what search engine have they used, what pages do they visit……..  However you do have to remember that this is only a sample population of those who visited your website as users may have software that hide their visits.

For me though the really interesting information is derived from interpreting the Google Search Console stats for all the golden nuggets relating to the traffic you didn’t get!

Essentially this tells us information about the behaviour of those users before they arrived on your website and also most importantly those who seen your website return on the Search Page but didn’t come to your website.

If all this seems a bit daunting, don’t worry, at Inspire we can help you retrieve, analyse and understand the information, even if you are not a client.  All our current clients enjoy this help as part of their package.   We always aim to help our clients get the absolute best out of their website.

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