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The Brief

The Fife Chamber of Commerce is an important business organisation both in the Kingdom of Fife and in the wider context of Scottish business. As with any Chamber of Commerce, the Fife Chamber supports businesses within its local area, promotes networking, runs events to encourage business development and harnesses a forward-thinking business community that works together to bring success to the region of Fife.

As a dynamic and collaborative Chamber for Commerce, Fife Chamber wanted a website that reflected their modern approach to business. They felt that their existing site did not accurately represent their values, ethos or approach. The client wanted to update and refreshen the look of the site so that it showcases them as an organisation that is attractive to be a part of.  

The key requirements of the project were to: 

  • Build a more dynamic website that shows Fife Chamber as a modern, forward-thinking organisation 

  • Provide fantastic visual impact on all pages of the site 

  • Deliver great search engine visibility 

  • Provide a first-class user experience 

  • Ensure excellent functionality for Fife Chamber’s stakeholders, be they Staff, Members, or Partners. 

  • Improve the Content Management System (CMS) to make it more user friendly and less restrictive  

  • Create a website that encourages collaboration and involvement from Fife Chamber members 


An important aspect of the build centered around the Membership Log In function. The goal here was to create a system where Fife Chamber Members could log in and interact with one another. The hope was to encourage networking, keep members interested and engaged, and have consistent activity on the website.  
There was also the technical challenge of the integration with the client’s existing CRM (RubiCRM), which required our team to liaise with external providers and follow specific protocols. 

All in all, Fife Chamber wanted to improve the user experience of the common site visitor and make the new website collaborative and attractive to existing members.