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The Brief

Caroline’s 10th business anniversary was this year and she felt it was time to refresh her website. 

She felt her previous site was becoming dated and, as the technology behind it aged, it became harder to keep up to date and protect from web vulnerabilities.  In addition, her previous web development support was likely to disappear as he had moved on to pastures new.

Caroline was recommended two suppliers to consider, both with an excellent track record but what swung it for her was the preparation that David, our MD, put into the pre-meeting. 

“It was obvious that David had looked at my old website and came to the initial meeting with lots of feedback and ideas.  That gave me confidence”

Our project planning process is thorough, challenging and absolutely critical to the long term success of the site. In comparison to previous website projects the initial site design planning stages for Caroline was certainly not plain sailing.  But we consider this step vital and whilst we know we push our clients hard at this stage, it most certainly pays off at the end of the journey, as Caroline will testify.  

“It made me really stop and think about exactly what I wanted and needed from my new website and the result was something that was perfect from day one”