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The Brief

Perth & Kinross Climate Action is a not-for profit group created by the Perth & Kinross Council that focuses on promoting positive climate action in the local Perthshire region.

Their goal is to share news on the climate emergency, inform local Perthsire residents of the climate actions that are being taken across Perth & Kinross, provide a platform for individuals to share experiences and ideas and encourage more people to get involved and celebrate the valuable work being undertaken by communities to tackle climate change.

When the client, Perth & Kinross council, approached Inspire, they did not have an existing website dedicated to climate action. Therefore, the main goal of the project was to create just this; A purpose-built website which is dedicated to informing residents of on-going climate action, as well as encouraging more positive action to be taken by individuals, groups and communities throughout the region.

Overall, the key requirements of the project were to:

• Create a bespoke website that is user-friendly and engaging
• Build a friendly design that is easy on the eye and welcoming to all
• Ensure the website is easy to update with new content
• Ensure there are enough pages and sections so that key messages can be communicated
• Make the website quickly as Perth & Kinross wanted it to ready to go live before the COP 26 conference, leaving us with a tight deadline
• The ability to advertise and promote local climate action events, with an included button for people to list their own events (which can them be approved or denied by the council)