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The Brief

Balhousie Glazing is a well-established home-improvement company offering a wide variety of services, including new installations of windows, doors and conservatories, plus other general home improvements such as extensions and rooflines.

When the company first started, the sole focus was on window glazing and installation, but as their reputation has grown, so have their levels of service and products. In order to reflect this growth, Balhousie wanted a fresh website that showcases their incredible work and will help to move the business forward in the years to come.


Aims of the project

When Balhousie Glazing first approached us to build their new website, the main objective was to freshen up the look of the site, make it more user friendly and push their products and services in a natural, non-salesy way. Their old site was on WordPress and the client felt it was outdated and did not properly represent their brand and values.

Balhousie was also eager to communicate a local business feel within their new site. They felt their old site was far too generic and didn’t properly communicate their Scottish location, way of working, or style of work. The idea from the outset was to show that Balhousie constructs, installs and creates products that are best suited for Scottish houses and Scottish weather.

Overall, the client wanted a website that highlights their amazing work, shows off their brand, communicates their local roots and, most importantly, drives traffic and encourages users to use Balhousie’s products and services.