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The Brief

Simple, beautiful and responsive.

Those three words sum up what Struans were looking for. Inspire were asked to create a site that would streamline browsing for customers and showcase everything the company has to offer.

As well as an eye-catching look, the new website needed to be smooth and responsive, with a simple site architecture that allowed customers to quickly and easily get around.

The simple navigation was also applied to finding the perfect motorhome for each client. This meant that some form of search functionality was to be built and included in the site.

Another must-have for this project was the ability for customers to quickly find the type of motorhome that most suited their needs.

In terms of content, Struans wanted focus placed on the idea of 'staycations' and how their range of vehicles could be used to explore Scotland.

As a family-owned company that has been selling and renting vehicles for over 40 years, Struans wanted the website to reflect their simple values.

To meet this brief, Inspire designed and built a website from the ground up, incorporating everything from the colour scheme to the content to Struans' requirements.