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The Brief

Transform Community Development (TCD) offers essential support to individuals facing homelessness in the Tayside region, providing housing, furniture, and guidance. However, their existing digital presence did not adequately reflect their mission or the breadth of their services. 

TCD approached us with a clear vision for their website: 

  1. To serve as a "window to the world", showcasing the impactful work they do. 
  2. To facilitate easy communication for those seeking advice, wishing to donate furniture, or volunteer. 
  3. To attract a broader audience, including businesses in Tayside looking to make a difference. 

Key requirements for the project included: 

  • A modern, user-friendly design that resonates with TCD's mission. 
  • Effective lead generation tools, including forms for donations and volunteer applications. 
  • A platform that encourages both monetary and furniture donations. 
  • An intuitive interface for users seeking help, information, or ways to contribute.