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Making the most of your sites content & structure to help onsite SEO

Search engines like Google have a very simple task: to return relevant websites for relevant searches. They pick up on a wide variety of signals from a site, weigh their particular relevance with complex algorithms, and set out the results in the form of a list. Without the right signals, as far as Google is concerned, you don’t exist. And that’s not a great way to do Business.

The first signals Google sees is your URL – in other words, the name of your site. We can advise you on what Google thinks of your name, and offer you suggestions to improve your visibility. That doesn’t mean changing the name of your company – but it might mean slight tweaks to your web address.

The next area we focus on is copy. One of the signals Google looks for is keyword density – how often a certain phrase appears – to determine if a site is relevant. We research the relevant keywords for your business, and work with you, and our copywriter if needed, to revamp your text in light of our findings.

We also analyse how well your site works in terms of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), the concept that text featuring similar words is likely to have a similar overall content. In simple terms, this means that two websites featuring the words ‘bicycle’, ‘repairs’ and ‘shop’ are both likely to be cycle repair shops.  LSI helps to group your sites with similar ones when a potential customer carries out a Google search.

There are many other ways we can add value and interest to your site including uploading video content and translating sections into other languages for worldwide reach. We partner with one of the best businesses in the field of localisation, so do contact us for further information about this service. Finally, it goes without saying that we will constantly monitor your site’s performance on the top search engines, and suggest further ways to improve it as it develops.