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SEO Myths Debunked: Insider Tips from Inspire Digital

by  David Dwyer on  28/03/2024

SEO can make or break your business, no doubt about it. But navigating through the waters of SEO can be tricky, especially with so many shady tactics floating around. Don't fall for outdated methods peddled by opportunists looking to make a quick buck. They'll lure you in with promises, but when those tactics inevitably fail, they vanish, leaving you stranded. 

But fear not! At Inspire Digital, one of Glasgow's leading digital marketing SEO agency, we're here to guide you through the SEO maze.

We've debunked nine of the biggest SEO myths to keep you informed and empowered. Armed with this knowledge, you'll know when to steer clear of sketchy offers and confidently navigate towards SEO success! Let’s find out what they are: 

SEO myths debunked by Inspire

9 Common SEO Myths debunked 

SEO Myth 1: Content is irrelevant 

Don't fall for the myth that content isn't crucial for SEO success. In reality, quality content sits at the core of effective SEO strategies. By consistently delivering high-calibre content tailored to your audience's needs and optimising it for search engines, you can draw in hordes of new visitors to your site.

This encompasses informative blogs as well as content on your transactional pages, where you clinch leads and sales. If an SEO company pitches you a plan devoid of a content strategy, it might be time to seek a second opinion. 

SEO Myth 2: SEO is a one-time project 

Unfortunately, SEO isn't a one-and-done deal. It's an ongoing journey demanding continual effort, including regular content updates, acquiring new backlinks, and addressing technical SEO issues, among other tasks.

It's challenging work, which is why some SEO companies try to take shortcuts for quick wins. However, such approaches typically falter because competitors who invest the time in their SEO quickly surge ahead. 

SEO Myth 3: Google Ads directly impacts SEO 

Don't be misled into thinking that splurging on Google Ads will automatically boost your SEO ranking. Google operates distinct algorithms for webpage ranking and advertising. While ad expenditure won't directly influence your ranking, it can indirectly enhance it by driving more traffic to your site—something Google views positively. 

SEO Myth 4: Only method is the only method that works 

If a local SEO company insists that their way is the only way, chances are they're not being entirely truthful! 

Effective SEO isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. It's a delicate balance of art and science, requiring a tailored selection of techniques aligned with your unique business objectives. 

While some companies may focus solely on building backlinks, this strategy alone won't suffice to bolster your online presence or enhance brand awareness. In fact, it's unlikely to significantly improve your SEO standing on its own. 

Beware of digital marketing salespeople touting their "exclusive" network of link-producing websites. Such practices, known as Private Blog Networks, are flagged by Google's Spam Team as highly undesirable.

Exercise caution when dealing with companies that claim to possess an SEO cure-all, particularly if they rely on a narrow set of techniques. 

Search engine optimisation

SEO Myth 5: The efficacy of SEO packages 

Every business is unique, with its own set of challenges and opportunities that set it apart from competitors. This diversity means that a one-size-fits-all SEO strategy simply doesn't exist. If a company tries to push you into a generic, set-and-forget SEO program, chances are you'll end up investing in services that don't align with your specific needs—after all, no two companies have identical requirements

While some SEO packages may yield decent results, they're unlikely to provide a meaningful return on investment. Your SEO plan should be tailored to address the specific challenges faced by your business, your industry dynamics, your goals, and your network.

Don't settle for a pre-made package; it's unlikely to deliver the results you're after. 

SEO Myth 6: Guaranteed first page results 

You hand over your cash, and they'll promise to sprinkle your keywords all over the first page as if by magic. But let's dismantle this pervasive myth perpetuated by SEO companies. The reality is, anyone can cram keywords onto a page, but that won't necessarily lead to sales. 

Some SEO companies employ a tactic of targeting obscure keywords that others overlook to quickly boost your rankings. However, the highly competitive keywords that truly drive sales require time to establish a presence. So, don't waste your money on promises that fail to deliver a return on investment. 

SEO Myth 7: SEO quality is consistent across all companies 

It might surprise you to learn that many SEO companies consist of a single individual coordinating with contractors in different countries. This setup can result in articles written by non-native English speakers, leading to inconsistency in quality and tone. 

Additionally, link building on foreign websites lacks the trust and SEO signals provided by local, high-quality links. While certain aspects of digital marketing can be outsourced, it's crucial to know who will be handling your work

SEO Myth 8: Longer content always prevails 

While longer content can enhance your SEO prospects, it doesn't guarantee a higher ranking than your competitors. What truly matters is that your content meets the user's needs and incorporates relevant keywords. Well-written, educational, and valuable content generates positive user signals that Google takes into account, boosting your ranking. While it's generally advisable to create more content rather than less, it's not an absolute requirement. 

SEO Myth 9: An SEO plugin suffices 

SEO plugins for WordPress may seem like a dream come true, but the reality is they don't actually perform SEO. Similarly, your assistant can't handle SEO tasks either. These tools help you organise your content in a search engine-friendly manner, providing satisfaction with their neat interface and green lights.

However, they fall short in critical areas such as keyword research, competitor analysis, and link building. For a comprehensive SEO strategy, you'll likely need many of these additional components. While your assistant may excel at getting that Yoast light to turn green, true SEO involves a lot more than meets the eye. 

However, here are some tasks they can't tackle: 


SEO Plugins and Tools 

Keyword research 


Competitor research 


Keyword difficulty analysis 


Long-tail keyword analysis 


Information architecture 


Internal linking strategy 


Distribution of link juice 


Click-through optimisation 


Robots tags and crawl compliance 


Snippet markup 


Trust elements 


Reduction of bounce rate and time on site 


AMP optimisation 


Submission of sitemaps 


Optimisation of page speed 


Minimisation of code bloat 


Compliance with search engine code 


LSI keyword research 

No (in fact, they often encourage over-optimisation!) 

Tracking conversions 


Managing funnels 


Building links 


Analysing link quality 


Reaching out to influencers 


Implementing amplification tactics 


Analysing anchor text 


Monitoring campaigns 


Tracking ROI 


Experience real and effective SEO

Partnering with us at Inspire Digital means you'll get exactly what you need, without any unnecessary fluff. We won't sell you on rainmaking dreams–instead, we'll ensure your digital marketing budget is maximised for optimal results.

Want to experience firsthand how real and effective SEO works?

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