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WhatsApp Marketing: Pros and Cons

by  Angela Watt on  20/10/2023

Crafting a personalised customer experience is the gold standard for businesses. Picture this: You walk into a local bookstore, and the owner, recognising you, suggests the latest release from your favourite author. This level of tailored service is what brands are striving for, and WhatsApp marketing might be the tool to make it happen. 


The Upsides of WhatsApp Marketing: 

  1. Personal Touch with High Engagement: WhatsApp messages have an impressive 98% open rate, far outpacing the average email open rate of 21.5%. With WhatsApp, brands can build deeper connections, sending diverse content from GIFs to videos, and even PDFs. 
  2. Cost-Effective Strategy: Marketing expenses can pile up quickly. However, WhatsApp offers an affordable alternative. For businesses watching their budget, it provides a platform where even a single individual can manage initial outreach. Plus, the Business Platform generously provides businesses with a thousand free service conversations every month. 
  3. Swift Responses: Customers don't want to wait. With WhatsApp, responses can be near-instant. The platform even facilitates predefined answers to common queries, simplifying the communication process. 
  4. Enhancing Customer Satisfaction: Unlike the detached chatbots on websites, WhatsApp offers a more genuine interaction. Its familiar interface, similar to everyday chats, nurtures a closer bond between brands and customers. 
  5. User-Friendly: The widespread use of WhatsApp means most people are already familiar with it. Its intuitive nature allows businesses to effortlessly incorporate it into their marketing strategies. 


The Downsides: 

  1. Automation Hurdles: Being a newer player in the marketing field, WhatsApp doesn't provide the same automation depth as platforms like email. Sending promotional messages and updates is straightforward, but intricate automations might require the WhatsApp Business API. 
  2. Time-Intensive: The personal touch that sets WhatsApp apart can also be its limitation. As your audience grows, managing communications can become increasingly demanding. 
  3. Lack of In-depth Analytics: Data is the backbone of marketing. However, WhatsApp's analytics offerings are somewhat limited, leaving brands guessing about message effectiveness. 
  4. Security Concerns: With its massive user base, WhatsApp can attract unwanted attention from hackers. Previous vulnerabilities have raised eyebrows, and issues like reading saved contacts have been flagged. 
  5. Not a Universal Solution: While WhatsApp boasts billions of users, it shouldn't be the only tool in a brand's arsenal. Spreading efforts across platforms ensures a wider reach. 

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A Noteworthy WhatsApp Marketing Campaign

The World Health Organization (WHO) serves as a shining example of effective WhatsApp marketing. During the peak of the pandemic, when misinformation was widespread, WHO identified a pressing need for accurate and timely information. Responding to this, they introduced a WhatsApp hotline available in multiple languages. This service wasn't just a helpline; it became a trusted source during uncertain times. Users could access a wide range of reliable information, from essential health guidelines to myth-busting facts. This initiative not only showcased WhatsApp's potential as a powerful communication tool but also its ability to engage and educate vast audiences promptly. 


So…is it for you?

WhatsApp provides brands with an innovative platform to foster deeper connections with their audience, seamlessly integrating customer service and marketing. Embracing this tool can lead to enriched customer relationships. However, to truly tap into its potential, brands should have the resources to be proactive in managing interactions, especially during periods of high engagement. Evaluating the benefits, taking action, and refining strategies are essential to making the most of WhatsApp for business. 

Ready to integrate WhatsApp into your digital strategy? At Inspire Digital, we've successfully integrated WhatsApp into numerous websites, driving significant returns for our clients. Contact us to maximise your business potential on this dynamic platform! 

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