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Investing in our employees' development: Inspire’s CPD program

by  Angela Watt on  06/03/2023

We believe in investing in our employees' development through continuous professional development (CPD) programs. Not only does it help our team members grow their skills and knowledge, but it also benefits our clients as we continue to produce high-quality work.

One of our designers, Christina Martin, recently completed a CPD program focused on logo and packaging design. As part of the program, she completed an online brief and created a beautiful logo and packaging design for a fictional vegan skincare line. Using her newfound skills, Christina incorporated various design elements, including striking colours paired with an earthy scene to help them stand out, and an eye-catching intricate font to create a stunning and cohesive brand identity for the company.

Christina says: “I found an Instagram account that posts briefs every week with a fictional client - the business name, USPs, brand values; and they post people's submissions. It's a way to be creative and think outside of the box without the pressure of a budget and specific client.”

Through her hard work and dedication to her CPD, Christina has not only grown her design skills but also brought new insights and creativity to our team. 

We're proud to support our employees in their professional development and look forward to seeing the positive impact it has on our work for clients. Investing in our team's development is just one of the ways we ensure that we stay ahead in the digital industry and provide our clients with the best possible service.

Continuous Professional Development, Web Design
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