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The Top 7 Ways To Make 'Thank You' Pages More Effective

by  David Dwyer on  12/08/2020

Ways to keep business post-purchase 

As with every aspect of marketing strategy and eCommerce stores, customer service can increase customer retention with some attention and innovation. While most businesses settle for a standard 'Thank You' page after a purchase is completed, there is always room for improvement.  Simple additions can have a significant impact on sales-boosting and keeping customers engaged with your brand. 


Below are the top tips to keep business post-purchase:  


  1. Simple account creation 
    Having a simple method for customers to create an account with your site with increased chances of repeat purchases. By also asking for permission, before signing them up automatically, trust in your brand can be increased. 

    A great way of including this is a one-click account creation option. This can be on the thank you page itself or as a part of a confirmation email following. 

  2. Incentives to return 
    Discount vouchers or free trial offers can be sent, which will increase the chances of customers returning to your website. Similar incentives can include sales for account holders or 'loyal customers' which shows your business values its repeat buyers. This can be connected with the account creation section on the website to further increase customer retention. 

  3. A more personal touch 
    Personalised marketing emails and recommendations sent after a purchase can raise you above those still using generic mailing lists. Although, as mentioned earlier, it might be worth considering only using this option once a customer has given permission. This helps with improving brand trust and not risk becoming seen as an annoyance. 

  4. Social sharing buttons 
    A simple addition to your business's website is sharing options. This option allows shoppers to share their purchases with sharing options to use on their blog posts and social media. This is an way to get your products and services excellent word of mouth advertising. Allowing this sharing can also help to build a community from your customer base and improve brand engagement. Utilising social media, with the customer’s permission granted, can also be a good way to share their posts about purchases made to create a “satisfied customer” social media campaign. 

  5. 'How to' videos 
    Videos that explain and help a customer use certain products can be an excellent addition to a thank you page. This will help to stand apart from other retailers and cultivate loyal customers. This is achieved by making your site a useful source of information while taking the burden off of support teams. 

  6. Suggestions and recommendations 
    A function, business like Amazon already offer, is to suggest related items and accessories. For example, offering batteries with devices that need them, or plug adapters. This is an excellent opportunity to advertise other products the customer may suddenly realise they need, 

  7. Newsletters 
    Offering a newsletter is a quick and cost-effective means of advertising, building brand engagement and staying relevant to customers. You can then offer deals, news and advice - straight to their inbox. Newsletters offer a regular call to action for your customers to return to your website. 

These are just a few examples of ways a business can improve upon a simple thank you page. At Inspire we can offer expert advice and implement a range of digital marketing solutions to your website, newsletters or landing pages. 

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