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How an FAQs page can improve customer experience and boost page rankings

by  David Dwyer on  30/07/2020

A simple addition to improving customer experience

An FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page is found on many successful websites. Ideally, it should be derived from previous user experiences and queries. The result is a genuinely useful knowledge base containing lists of questions and answers about the products or services the business offers.

Unfortunately, this type of page is often ignored by business owners. Some assume it is unnecessary because the queries addressed by the FAQs can be found elsewhere on the site. Others are simply unaware that without an FAQs page, their e-commerce success could suffer. Whatever reason, the inclusion of an FAQs section is an essential aspect of any business website both for customer satisfaction as well as SEO.

Time saver

Websites should aim for simple navigation and clear content. If a customer has a specific question they can't find an answer to, they are likely to leave the site and not come back – losing you a potential sale.

An FAQs page may well be your answer to this.

Even if you cover every aspect of your business across the website, having an FAQs page saves time for everyone. Your customer knows immediately where to look for answers and doesn't need to scroll through pages of content.

Resource saver

With the added benefit of your potential customers saving time and effort, a useful FAQs page can also take the burden off you and your staff. With a definite place for answers to common questions, fewer customers will reach out through live chat, phone or email, saving your business time and resources.

Customer relationships

An FAQs page is not just for answering simple questions about your business or services. A well written and easy to read page can showcase that your company cares and has thought about the customer experience. As a simple but effective show of customer support, FAQs pages can help to create a clear picture of your business. It can tell a customer what your company is, what it stands for and what it offers.

The amount of useful information found on FAQs pages can keep potential customers on your site for longer. This building of trust will also make customers more confident in buying from you or using your services.


FAQs pages are also excellent for a website's SEO. Some customers use search bars to look for answers to specific questions. When this is done, search engines like Google will often use answers from FAQs as featured answers at the top of the results page.

Having clear answers on an FAQ page is also an excellent way to get you more prominently seen in the rankings from online searches. The page can even bring in customers who did not initially know about your business. 

This is through the FAQs being found through the search for a specific question relating to your services. The results then use internal linking to take them straight to the product page and a potential sale.

If you're unsure about FAQ pages or how to add one to your website, then web design specialists such as Inspire can help. Whether it is adding to your e-commerce website, or optimising it for search functionally and customer service, Inspire can make sure your website is performing at its best and is reaching a broader audience.

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