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10 reasons why Magento is the CMS for online fashion stores

by  David Dwyer on  11/12/2017

The leading e-Commerce platform in the world right now is Magento, dominating most sectors when it comes to online retail, it is very strong in the clothing and in particular the fashion sector.   


Why is Magento doing so much better than its competitors? What sets it apart?   


Well, here are 10 key reasons why we believe there has been such a strong and swift adoption of Magento in the fashion sector in recent years: 


  1. Magento offers ready-to-use and customized extensions, making it a powerful e-Commerce solution. So if you are in a hurry to get set up then you can start with ready-to-use templates, but these could mean you look exactly the same as other e-Commerce sites – not ideal for a brand-focused sector like fashion. So as soon as time and budget permit you can customize the template extensions, adopting unique colours, fonts, images and on-screen positioning to make your online e-Commerce presence as unique as your fashion range. 


  1. That e-Commerce solution is fully responsive, which means that content is resized when viewed on phones and tablets, to optimise the display of content… a feature that is exceptionally powerful and engaging when content is fashion. More and more consumers are browsing if not buying using their mobile devices, while they are on the move. Using those awkward commuter journeys as dedicated research time and not wasted time. So ensure you are supporting them and making your fashion brand totally customer-friendly by using a responsive platform, like Magento. 


  1. The backend for users can be customised to give each user a brand-consistent design. Again, as a fashion brand, it is vital that your look/feel is distinctive throughout the entire customer journey: you cannot afford to have a website that uses a standard backend template.  


  1. Abandoned carts are a problem for all online retailers, in fact, more than half of all sales initiated are abandoned before completion and that costs e-retailers millions every year. This is often caused because the process is complex and customers run out of time to complete an order. Although not a standard feature Magento does have the facility through a 3rd Party module to help speed up checking out by creating a simple payment process which is hosted/managed on a single page. The faster your client can complete their purchase, the more online sales you’ll secure. 


  1. Of course, payment is an issue that customers are highly sensitive about and there are many Payment Gateways available with Magento, helping to ensure that the customers of those fashion retailers who use this CMS can pay as they want, and on any device they like. That’s been another hugely popular part of Magento’s suite of benefits.  


  1. The next best thing, after converting more of the shopping carts into final sales, is to encourage the upsell –a belt to match the trousers or a blouse to match the skirt. Increasing average order values ??is a natural aspiration of most online retailers and Magento offers functionality to help, creating dedicated areas such as ‘complete the look’ to encourage cross-selling and up-selling. Such personalised recommendations are acknowledged as effective ways to encourage customers to add additional items to their basket. 


  1. Magento also allows online fashion retailers to market content by personalising the landing page with targeted display products and videos. That’s not unique, but Magento enables you to achieve this without a need for a developer. 
    In all seriousness though we want our clients to have platforms that meet their needs.  
    Where they need us for heavy lifting tasks e.g. driving more traffic through analysing their Data Mountain via Paid for Search or Social we are here to help.  
    The purpose being to create capacity for you the retailer, to spend time and resources on other aspects of your business, be that online, operational or other. 


  1. Social networks are an excellent way to interact with clients and Magento combines social media with e-Commerce, including shared purchases and social media feeds.  
    It’s not just celebrities and social media influencers whose opinion matters here – making it easy for your customer to share their new purchase with friends and family online is an incredibly effective marketing tool: it’s the opinion of family and friends most of us value most when making a decision to purchase something from a new online supplier. 


  1. It becomes easy to update your retail site’s online content in line with your content marketing plan as Magento provides the flexibility to update the content of the online store to match the key message of each and every marketing campaign.  


From banners to promotional codes, you align your marketing activity with your web landing pages to deliver a unified message and increase conversion rates. 


  1. Email marketing is essential to keep customers committed to the brand, using new products, promotional activities and events, and Magento enables retailers to integrate your email address with features such as registration forms or pop-up panels ... 


Think you might follow the fashion for Magento? Many companies have already chosen the Magento CMS as their e-Commerce solution: it is extremely powerful, innovative, scalable and flexible.   


At Inspire we love working with Magento.. If you are ready for your new e-Commerce solution, contact us today. 


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