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Building your brand’s voice

by  David Dwyer on  13/11/2017

Your brand is the focal point for any marketing campaign, as everything hinges on how your target audience perceives you in the market.

Your campaigns will reflect your voice and the brand personality that you want to project. How do you do that more effectively?

Are there ways for your brand to project a more powerful voice?

Developing your voice

Targeting conversion can help increase sales, which means improving your content, which builds engagement and can boost conversion rates will inevitably impact sales. In fact, 61% of consumers say they will refer to online reviews before making a purchase, and four out of five (81%) of sales only happen after at least seven interactions with your brand. (A word to the wise: most sales efforts give up after five unconverted points of contact according to research by Harvard – it’s not the early bird that gets the tasty treat, it’s the persistent one.

This means tracking what made the current sales “work” to develop a stronger more effective brand voice in future.

Work with intent

First take the pressure off a little and accept that building an authentic and recognisable brand voice will take time. However, there are ways to help embed your brand’s voice and emphasise your company’s values:

Choose the voice you want: In branding, everyone can sing, if they practise. Rebranding has a lot of risks, especially with regards to establishing brand recognition so you should stick to one voice once you fix on the right one.

Your “personality” will project your brand to its audience.

Are you funny and friendly, perhaps playing with memes to acquire attention?

Do you have flair, and rely on strong imagery to exude confidence and a particular style?

The choice of “voice” that’s right for your brand will determine your tactics and behaviour in future campaigns.

Determine your audience persona: Many brands miss their mark because they fail to plan their brand correctly.

You need to identify precisely who your customers are, in order to speak directly to their needs and interests.

Ask yourself – who is your ideal buyer?

How do they spend their time?

What’s a problem they’d like to solve?

Where do they congregate online?

Assess the platforms and select the ones you’re willing to learn: When you’re building your brand, it’s tempting to adopt all social media platforms to “expand” your reach. But this isn’t what “expanding reach” means. If you want to build your brand’s voice more efficiently, choose the platforms that fit your brand’s “personality.”

For instance, if you’re a restaurant you’ll want to showcase your food, then use Instagram.

If you’re all about business to business services, then LinkedIn is the platform for you.

Develop a content offering: “Content,” isn’t just written content. Should you rely on more videos – the trend for movement is taking us in that direction, but is that right for your product or service?

Should you rely more on pictures or graphics?

Research the content that best “fits” the way your audience communicates.

Interact with audiences frequently: Building any relationship relies on open, regular and honest communication. It is the same when it comes to your brand’s voice.

Do you want to rely on email marketing and be seen as professional?

Do you want to respond to their comments, and, as such, be chatty and conversational? You need to maintain a constant tone across the platforms you use.  

Remember that you can’t achieve success overnight: Running a marathon is all about pacing. It’s important to remain patient and stick to a planned content calendar as a central framework for your digital marketing campaign. Reach out to your audience regularly and try to interact with them consistently.

Launching a new company isn’t easy and developing the right brand for you, your offering, and your audience to all fit into comfortably isn’t necessarily a one step process. But it’s perfectly possible. Just take a moment to think of as many household brands as you can – dozens no doubt. Yours could be next.

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