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It's all about the experience and we've got it

by  David Dwyer on  22/12/2017

Applying user-centred design, we create websites that are effective and attractive

User-centred design is the key to successful website and that's why....

... experience counts!

Google’s most popular search terms show we’ve all been focused on thinking about ‘how to…’ this year.   But here at Inspire, our focus has always been to ask: ‘How do we deliver a return on your investment online’?  It’s been our mantra from day one, almost a decade ago: get online, stay secure online and profit from being there.  

The answer lies in bringing together our insight into what’s driving the latest trends online, and our expertise in getting under the skin of what you need to make your site deliver.

We are constantly tracking our clients’ web traffic; looking to optimise site performance, ensuring its secure from cyberattack, and learning how users interact with each site’s content.

We are passionate about the level of service we offer; and we want you to be delighted with your online presence. So twice every year we offer every client a review meeting, during which we discuss your objectives; interpret the traffic you do and don’t get currently; address any issues you might have with site performance; and discuss what we see coming down the tracks – and how you can react to turn these trends to your advantage.

It’s about improving performance, pushing boundaries and staying ahead of the game. That ethos has helped us win hundreds of clients to date, but the online challenges are only going to increase, not least with the implementation of GDPR in May 2018. That’s why we’ve been strengthening our team, ready to provide an even better service. 

User Experience Design A key focus is User Experience (UX). In essence it encompasses accessibility, usability, utility and performance, and is the sum of the experience, emotion, intuition and connection a user feels when using a site. In short, people need to understand how to interact with your site to find what they want; quickly, easily and enjoyably.

The secret to great UX is an innovative user-centred design. Step forward Kenny Saunders and Anna Bezani, who have joined our team as UX Designers.

Kenny is an experienced designer, who has blended his professional skills and background in print and exhibition design, with his passion for football – Dundee to be specific. In his spare time, Kenny has been videoing the games since 2000 and running the webcasting of matches for Dundee FC since 2014. “I like a challenge,” he told me at the interview.

Just as well! As Kenny was also the producer for the Club’s commemorative broadcast for the 50th anniversary of their European Championship in 1962. With 750 guests attending, Kenny rose to the challenge with two videos for the night, and managed all the AV for the dinner itself, staged at Dundee’s Caird Hall.

Now, he is turning his experience to help our clients improve the UX of their site. “It’s a challenge I’m really enjoying”.

Anna Bezani joins us having moved to Scotland from Athens, where she worked in advertising. She moved to undertake a Masters’ degree in UX Experience Design at Dundee University. Athens’ loss is our gain, as the “amazing scenery” we have here has captivated Anna and made her determined to make Perth her new home.

Anna now enjoys nothing more than picking up a new project, and using her software skills and creative ideas to make the UX of sites exceptional.

Joining us just before Kenny and Anna is Kieran, our digital marketeer, who completed his Google Certification programme within weeks. (We are proud to be rated by Google as one of their elite Premier Partner teams, currently one of only 30 out of 3,000 teams UK-wide.)

Kieran is on hand to respond to client needs day-to-day, as we monitor site performance. He loves the diversity that every day brings at Inspire: helping with search engine optimisation, online marketing campaigns, user acceptance testing, email campaigns: the list is long, as our site support is so extensive.

The final new face in the office is Lara Stuart, our new Office Manager and my PA. Lara has an Honours Degree in Business Studies and Marketing from the University of Abertay, specialising in brand marketing, and she went on to complete a Master of Letters with Commendation, in Multi-Culturalism, with her thesis on cultural behaviour.

Our extended team has the breadth and depth of experience needed to deliver the best experience for all our clients.

I hope you’ll come and join us too: we’re all here to help at every step of your online journey.

To ensure you’re set up to succeed, call us today on 01738 700 006 or get in touch through our web enquiry form.

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To comply with data protection regulations (2018), we are unable to store and use your information unless you give us your permission. Please select Yes to allow this. View our data protection policy for details.