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The Conversion Factor - Your key to a more successful website

by  David Dwyer on  29/06/2016

Maximise your conversion ratio with these top five converting tips

You might have the best-looking website in the World. It might even have fantastic content. But the reality is – if it doesn’t help you achieve your goals, then it simply isn’t working. Maybe it’s time to ‘Power Up’ your site by focusing on your conversions.


Turning Visitors into Customers

Here are our recommendations to increase the number of conversions on your site.

1) Focus on your users goals

Being aware of your users goals is an important first step in the conversion process. What is it they want from the page they’re visiting? Are they looking to read an article, watch a video, download a PDF or buy something? It’s important that you’re crystal clear on what visitors arriving on each page are looking to achieve.


Points to consider

•    How do your visitors find your site?

•    What is it they’re looking for?

•    Do you make it easy for them to find it?

•    What action do you want them to take?


2) Keep it clean and consistent

Make sure that your web pages have a clear look and feel. And have consistency across your pages. Your visitors will likely be confused if the navigation and design changes from page to page. Don’t make them think. Anything that could cause confusion should be eliminated.


Points to consider

  • Grid
    • Keeping to a consistent grid layout manages your visitor’s expectations.
  • Size
    • Vary the size of your text to draw attention to the main points on each page.
  • Alignment
    • Make sure you’re consistent with your vertical and horizontal alignment.
  • Whitespace
    • Don’t be afraid to use Whitespace liberally to draw attention to key elements of your content. Giving your content space to breathe will also make it more readable.


3) Have a Clear Call To Action

When your visitors land on a particular page of your site, they shouldn’t have to guess what to do next. Your job is to make it as clear as possible, as to the action you want them to take. The content and layout should work in harmony to guide them to the next logical step – whatever that may be.


Points to consider

  • Emphasis
    • Make sure your call to action stands out. Change the size; colour and positioning of a Call to Action so nobody can miss it.
  • Focus
    • Have one primary call to action and focus on that. Give your visitors too much choice and it will just delay the process.
  • Incentive
    • Whether it’s a bonus extra, a voucher or a discount code – offering some form incentive will help increase conversions.
  • Positioning
    • Place your call to action in a logical location. It might be on the sidebar of your navigation, or possibly at the end of a sale page.
  • Consistency
    • We’ve mentioned it already – but it bears repeating – the style and positioning of your Call to Actions should be the same across your site.


4) Offer a Tailored Approach

Be aware of HOW your website users are accessing your site. If they’re like most users, it’s likely that a great deal of their Internet access will be via a mobile device.  Optimise the experience for each device to make sure they can get the information they need to as simply and as efficiently as possible.

Points to Consider

  • Intention
    • If someone is visiting your Contact Us page from a mobile device, it’s likely that they want to FIND YOU or CALL YOU. A good mobile optimised site will allow them to call direct (Click to Call) from their phone, add your number to their contacts or lead them to you, via their Navigation app of choice.
  • Cut Down Clutter
    • Remove any content from your mobile site that gets in the way. Keep to a simple set of features.
  • Speed
    • Make sure your mobile version of your site accommodates the lowest common denominator – in other words, not everyone has access to 4G or WiFi.


5) Turn visitors to clients – clients to fans

Your conversion efforts shouldn’t be limited to winning new customers. Exploring ways to strengthen the relationship with your current customers should also be an essential part of your conversion strategy. It’s easier to sell to someone you’ve already got an established commercial relationship with.


Point to consider

  • Fresh content
    • Make sure you consistently produce new content and share it prominently on your site.
  • Related content
    • Increase engagement and page views by serving up related content items for your visitors.
  • Social
    • Leverage the power of social media to deepen the relationship with your clients. In other words – be where they are.
  • Email
    • Offer a newsletter or free email course to build your list and connect in the most personal way.
  • Engage
    • Don’t simply be a transmitter of content – join the conversation. Get involved with your community of clients and contacts.


Focus on each of these areas and you’re sure to experience a dramatic uplift in your conversion numbers.

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