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Products and Services Pages - The Key To Sites that Sell and Compel

by  David Dwyer on  06/04/2016

14 Elements to consider for your product or services web pages


Creating a virtual sales team that delivers for your business

Whatever type of organisation you run, you’ll have a purpose. If you’re a charity, you’ll want to raise awareness and funds. And if you’re a business, you’ll have products or services that you need to sell. Your website can achieve so many great things for your organisation, but it’s as a seller of products and services where it’s true power lies.



Your site should have balance. If you are pitching and selling on every page, you’ll have people clicking the back button on their browser before you can say ‘Buy Now’. Your site should have a mix of content: some informational and some with a sales purposes.

The majority of your site will have the purpose of building rapport and, crucially, building trust. But if you’ve done a good job at that, you also need content that’s sole job is to persuade and ultimately sell.


Products & Services Pages

Your product and services content is your silent sales force.  A sales force that works 24/7, every single day of the year. If you have a single product or service that you offer, then one great selling page is ideal. But if you have different product or services ranges, each one should have a dedicated page.

By doing this, each page can act as a single sales person within your sales team. Dedicated sales pages are better than a page that features multiple products. Too much choice on a single page can be confusing and get in the way of the buying process.

A great idea is to have a product and services home page within your main site navigation. Think of it as the contents page at the front of a typical sales brochure. Its sole purpose is to help direct people to the product or service page that they’re interested in.


The Power of Persuasion

Your product or services pages should have a singular focus - persuading people to commit to the next stage in the buying process. If you’re selling a £1 Widget via an online store, that next logical step will be to place the order. But if you’re selling a higher priced item, like a car, booking a test drive might be the main goal for your product page.

The key thing to remember is that your page should be singularly focused on leading the buyer to the next stage of your sales process.


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Top 14 Elements for a product or service page

The elements below are what we think you should consider.


1. A strong benefit heading (What’s in it for them.)

2. A clear title for the product / service

3. A strong opening paragraph linked to the heading

4. Professional looking images (Potentially in ‘gallery’ format.)

5. A video that explains your offering or better still demonstrates it in use

6. Technical Specifications

7. Detailed list of the features

8. A pricing table (if there are different options)

9. Short, snappy testimonials from satisfied customers

10. Links to fuller Case Studies (possibly expanding on testimonials)

11. PDF / eBook download for lead generation purposes

12. Clear list of the benefits that the features deliver

13. FAQ Section to deal with potential objections

14. Clear call to action (‘Buy Now’, ‘Book Test Drive’, ‘Arrange Call Back’)

In reality, you don’t need all of these to have a successful product or services pages. Select the right mix for your business and create compelling sales pages that become assets that add to your bottom line.


Invest the time - it’ll pay dividends

Of all the pages you create, arguably your product or services pages are the most critical. Your site might look great, and the rest of your pages might be beautifully written, but it could all be for nothing if your product pages are weak. Remember – they are your sales team: put them to work and work them hard.


Over to you

A great place to start is to review your current product and services pages. Take one page as an example, and use the 14-point list above as a checklist. How many of the elements does your page have? If you were to add just three - which would you add? And then - do just that. And, if you’re feeling in a sharing mood, let us know in the comments the three elements you’re committed to adding.

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