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The Brief

As London electricians, Quantum has a considerable amount of competition in their industry and so was looking for an edge to help them be more visible online and generate more business.    

After a discussion with Inspire, an analysis of the performance of their site and listening to our ideas of how we can give them that boost they were looking for, they brought us on board to help them with their search engine optimisation (SEO).   


Getting the ball rolling    


Using one of Inspire's SEO packages meant that our team would make monthly efforts to get the Quantum site to the forefront of local searches in London.    

During the first month of working with Quantum, our team focused on giving their website an initial boost. This meant looking at existing content, metadata and any technical issues we discovered during the initial site review.   

Getting a website fit for purpose means making sure all the relevant information and services are pushed up the rankings on search results pages. Working with the client, and the data we gathered on the website, we focused our initial efforts on the services and pages we thought were Quantum's heavy hitters. This meant editing and crafting targeted content to pull in traffic for highly searched keywords and phrases.   

"Emergency Electricians" and "Electrical Contractors London" are just two examples of the types of keywords we focused on. Searched for frequently and relevant to Quantum's business; focusing on these would give the site the first push it needed to get it towards page one of search results.   

Surface content may be what potential customers see, but the behind the scenes of a website also needs to be fully optimised for the best results, and so our team also took a deep dive into the site's nuts and bolts.   

We were able to identify and fix problems such as broken links, duplicated content, a missing sitemap and several other issues that slowed the site down and could result in penalties from search engine algorithms.  


Every little helps 

  Cropped Quantum Banner Image

As well as improving and retargeting what the client had already created, we also took advantage of every tool we have to get the site ranking high.   

As a part of our efforts, we also added an FAQ section to the site, which would not only allow us to get a whole range of questions and phrases ranking higher but is always a fantastic addition to improve customer experience. This feature will also enable the client to easily add, remove and change questions at any point.  

FAQ page for Quantum


Expanding Quantum's reach   


Once the ball was rolling and results were starting to show in the search ranking Quantum, and our Digital Marketing team discussed new ways to help the company reach potential clients across the different boroughs of London.   

In one of the monthly site review meetings, Inspire and Quantum came up with the idea of using targeted location pages to the company more visible in different local searches. This idea would be great for Local SEO and get Quantum ranking in searches for electrical services in areas of London they didn't previously have a foothold. With the creation of ten initial location pages, each targeted and optimised for different boroughs.  


Ongoing support  


When using an Inspire SEO package, clients can be involved as much or as little as they can be, whether it's just reviewing and approving our work or, time-willing, getting stuck in content generation and marketing.   

Working closely with the founder of Quantum, we discovered how eager he is to help to get his website the best it can be, and so we discussed how he could help in his spare time.  

In our conversations, we came up with the idea of regular blogs and vlogs that could be created by the client, which could be used to support our SEO efforts. This involved us looking for suitable targets, i.e. what people were looking for, creating a brief and allowing an expert to then write a blog post or film a short video on the topic.   

 Blogs for Quantum

Inspire are very proud of the results of our work with Quantum. When comparing the site performance from the same period last year, the number of visits to the site has increased an incredible 172% and average time spent on the site has increased by 86%. We look forward to our continued work with Quantum and helping them to grow their business for as long as they are with us.  

While we don't claim to be the sole cause of this improvement, we do believe it's a testament of what quality SEO can do and how regular efforts on a site can work wonders.