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Building the links and offsite marketing to drive inbound marketing

Many external factors, or signals, have an impact on your site’s search engine ranking and visibility. We can optimise these factors to make them work to your advantage. In other words, while you can directly control the content of your own website, there are certain ways you can also influence your search engine rankings through the content of other sites.

Building links to your website from other independent and relevant sites is the most effective way of improving your rankings. We work with you to determine the best ‘quality’ links to pursue. In search-engine terms, a link to your cycle repair shop from a cycling club is ‘worth more’ than a link to your shop from a judo club. As part of our e-marketing campaign for your site we aim to achieve an agreed number of links to your site.

Likewise, we can plan and write a series of relevant guest articles for publishing on blogs, news releases for news sites and postings for social media sites to help distribute your message. These short pieces, if they include relevant key phrases as anchor text and links to your own site, will help search-engines ‘see’ your signal and assess your site as relevant to potential customers, placing you higher up the rankings. Pay-per-click campaigns are often a good place for market research to discover what phrases are being searched for in your local market. We can work with you to identify these phrases and then plan a campaign to target the relevant traffic.