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Social engineering is a non-technical method of intrusion hackers use that relies heavily on human interaction and often involves tricking people into breaking normal security procedures. It is one of the greatest threats that organizations today encounter.


Our Social Engineering Penetration Test package is designed to use attack methods which may be used by malicious social engineers trying to breach your company. We use techniques to cover the main methods of phone, Internet-based, and onsite engagements.


This includes a full report of findings and recommendations to protect your business against these kind of attacks.

We will not only locate your specific vulnerabilities, but can assist you in creating an environment of security through education with:

•           Thorough Internet, live, and onsite perimeter testing

•           Detailed reporting and mitigation recommendations

•           Confidential debriefing including methods, sources, and step-by-step attack outlines that allow your company to know what you are doing correctly and where improvement is needed

•           Customized training and education delivered onsite or based on customer request