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Our Small Network Penetration Testing Packages are designed to test start-up or small businesses IT systems of up to 2 Public IP addresses.  The Penetration testing is to test your networks and applications for vulnerabilities in order to make sure they are secure against automated attacks from cyber criminals and hackers.

This will usually take 1 – 1.5 days to complete and includes:

•           Optimal solution for the efficient testing of your IT systems.

Ensuring that network & applications are reasonably secure against automated cyber attacks.

Predefined and agreed terms of engagement delivered for a known and fixed cost.

Comprehensive report identifying vulnerabilities and recommended remedial actions.

•           Network Testing – for an environment with up to 2 externally facing IP addresses (ideally on the same subnet), up to 2 internal servers and no more than 20 PC’s/Laptops running on no bigger than a class C network (254 IP address), included are the testing of firewalls, routers and switches.

•           Test Report – a full report describing the tests performed. Each potential vulnerability will be identified and ranked in order of importance and a best practice solution will be recommended to fix the vulnerabilities. The report also includes an Executive Summary that identifies the risks to the business and possible solutions in non-technical terms.

Penetration Testing – Additional Options

These include the following:

•           Additional 14 public IP addresses

•           Web Application Testing

•           Wireless LAN Testing (Up to 4 WAPs)

•           Social Engineering Attack

•           Online Report Presentation


The report can be presented by the penetration tester in person if the Onsite Report Presentation option is selected.