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What can or should be tested?

Any way that a company or individual captures, stores and processes information can be tested. The means in which that the information is stored, the network infrastructure that transports the data, and the staff that manage and process the information.


Typical areas to be tested are:

Operating systems of the servers and PCs, networking equipment such as firewalls, routers, switches, applications used on a day to day basis, databases, etc. Also laptop hard drive encryption.

Physical access controls, locks, dumpster diving (or skip scrounging as we British prefer to call it).

Telephony, VoIP, war-dialling, remote access servers, VPNs, etc.

Wireless, a poorly configured WIFI setup is a very easy target for any hacker.

Staff, social engineering techniques, security education.


Once these areas have been tested our penetration tester will compile a report which will be given to you onsite explaining the current vulnerabilities in your systems and how to go about getting these fixed.