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The Digital Scotland Voucher Scheme

This money won’t be available forever – so the sooner you assess whether your business may qualify the better. Inspire have made a simple checklist to help you make an initial assessment on whether your business may qualify. While the ultimate decision lies with Business Gateway, you can complete the form to the right for an indication from Inspire as to whether your business may qualify for a grant.

The Scheme

Could your business benefit from a free £5K grant to improve your digital operation? Business Gateway Scotland operate a voucher scheme and your business could be eligible. It applies to businesses in Scotland who are registered with Business Gateway and who fall into one of three categories: a Growth Advisory Service company, a High Value Startup company or a Potential High Value Startup company.

What can it be used for

Website Development
Interpreting your Analytics
Developing Specific Software
Improving SEO
Training Staff to use software
Online Marketing
Content Marketing
Social Media
Accessing e-Commerce & International markets


The money can’t be used for pay-per-click advertising, in-house staff costs (you can hire an external trainer but not pay staff wages during training), off-the-shelf software, hardware or VAT.

The vouchers are valid for 75% of your costs (ex VAT), and the maximum amount is £5000. 

The money can be used to create a broad digital strategy for your business and with our years of experience in this area we can definitely help you with that.  We can support you in the relevant areas on the “permitted use” list, from designing and building your new e-commerce website, developing a translation facility, writing bespoke software for specific requirements and promoting your business online via content marketing and social media management. 

Your Details
What services are you interested in?
Initial pre-qualifying criteria questions
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To comply with data protection regulations (2018), we are unable to store and use your information unless you give us your permission. Please select Yes to allow this. View our data protection policy for details.*